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Project Name: Guizhou Jiangge Cement Co., Ltd4000t/d cement clinker production line modification project
Product: moderate heat Portland cement,high quality silicon cement,high qualitycomposite cement.The product has a greatantipressure and high breaking strength. Itslow PH Value, Low heat of hydration, frostresisting,anti-weary,wasterproof,anti seismic characteristic make the productwidely used in various important project.


Project Name:3200t/d clinker production line modifcation project and1 00t/d municipal wasteprocess treatment project for Zhepu Cement Co.,ltd inSuijiang County.
Project Introduction: has adopted our NewDry Type Predecomposition ProductionProcess and Jiangsu Lvssn s lowtemperature waste heat recovery technology,to upgrade a 1500t/d clinker production lineto a more than 3200t/d clinker production.With co-processing technology, it ownstreatment capacity of 100t/d waste.


Project Name: Project Name:Oudomxay 5000t/d clinker Production Line in Laos
Product: Mostly P.O52.5. P.O42.5 ordinaryPortland cement. There are 30% bag cementand 70% bulk cement in production output.Plant Information: Oudomxay 5000t/dCement Production Line is a new builtproject with a clinker production annualcapacity of 1550 thousand tone. The cementproduction annual capacity of 171 0thousand tone.


Project Name: LuangPrabang 3200t/d clinker production line modifcation project
Product: Mostly P.052.5 P.042.5 ordinary ,Portland cement. There are 30% bag cementand 70% bulk cement in production output.Plant Information: Luang Prabang 3200t/dCement Production Line is a upgradedproject with ,a production capacity increase from 700t/dto 3200t/d. The annual clinker productioncapacity is 992 thousand tone while annualcement production capacity is 1 1 00thousand tone.


Project Name:2000t/d Clinker production line of Gongada Cement Co.,Ltd in Lvchun Connty,Yunnan province
Construction Scope: limestone crushing,raw material dosing, raw material grinding,outlet gas processing, raw materia Ihomogenization silo, burning kiln end , kilnand tertiary air duct, kiln head, pulverizedcoal preparation system, cement mill,cement packing and other auxiliarydepartment.

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Active lime is produced from limestone dolomite chalk and other minerals with high calcium carbonate content by the calcination process under the temperature of 1000-1100 ° C. There are various processes for the active lime production mainly

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