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The gears of rotary kiln make abnormal noises

  Abnormal noise from large and small gears is common, and there are many reasons, which may be caused by several circumstances.

  First of all, the interface of the large tooth ring is loose, resulting in the loss of circle of the large tooth ring and the abnormal sound caused by the decrease of meshing precision. At this time, the kiln should be stopped to tighten the closing bolt to avoid the expansion of the situation.

  Secondly, the cylinder body bending, when the temperature difference between the cylinder body is large, the large kiln will bend, the size of the gear center distance will be large or small, when the center distance is small will make dull root bite sound, when the center distance is large will make the the knock sound. At this time we should promptly eliminate the uneven attached to kiln skin and make the kiln straight.

  If other aspects are normal, and the sound is uniform, but the sound is larger, we should check whether the lubrication is effective, then check whether the foundation subsidence, wheel belt and pulley wear is serious. If there is a similar situation, should do the lifting kiln treatment. If the large ring make a more brittle sound, it is necessary to check the large ring, to see if the large ring is producing cracks, if there is, it must be strengthened, and do replacement preparation.

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