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11 kinds of errors of crusher in safety production

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In the actual production, incorrect operation will often cause a lot of problems, resulting in equipment damage, casualties, unnecessary losses for the enterprise, understand the operation of the crusher taboo, is to help everyone safe production, efficient production of the necessary conditions!


1. Avoid operating without reading instructions

After the purchase of equipment should carefully read the crusher related instructions, familiar with the use and maintenance of the crusher, in the case of not skilled must not operate their own, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents, it is best to have a professional presence.

2.Do not operate with anything inside the machine

Before the crusher starts to work, check whether there is ore or iron in the crushing chamber.The crusher is not allowed to start with load, which will cause tripping of electrical appliances or damage of machine parts. Therefore, the crushing cavity should be checked before starting, if there is ore or iron, it must be cleared before starting.

3.Do not use unqualified power supply

It is prohibited to use unqualified power, for some old aging power cord should be replaced in time, don't think that's ok, wait for a problem when I was late, power plug and socket to safety, damage can't use, lower electrode and lower electrode after a few minutes to pay attention to the quality of electrode, mobile electrode less as far as possible or not moving motor, take various measures to prevent electrode soft broken.In case of soft break, deal with it immediately.


4. Don't work without good personal protective equipment

When breaking things, there will be noise and pollution, which will do great harm to our body in the long run. Therefore, before operation, we should pay attention to wear good personal protective equipment to reduce the damage of the crusher to us.

5. Avoid using without maintenance

For the crusher maintenance is very important, long-term use will bring unnecessary wear to the machine, so check the wear degree of the machine regularly, regular maintenance, regular lubricating oil, let your machine play a greater role.

6.Do not turn off the power when power is off

If there is a sudden loss of power while using it, be sure to turn it off, as sudden calls can cause unnecessary damage.At the end of the work should also tidy up things, turn off the good power before leaving, develop a good habit of work.

7. Avoid refueling without changing oil

Lubricating oil is essential in the use of crushing equipment, mainly plays the role of lubrication, cooling and cleaning.Therefore, the operator will pay attention to the oil amount to check the oil, and according to the standard to add, but sometimes ignore the lubricating oil quality check and has bad oil replacement, lead to some moving parts are always in poor lubrication conditions, so as to accelerate the wear of each part, and even cause tile burning, such as holding shaft the happening of the accident.

8.Do not use butter carelessly

Butter is commonly used in mechanical repair grease, can play a role in lubrication and sealing, it is because of this performance, butter is often misused by some maintenance personnel.

For example, to tighten nuts easily and prevent corrosion, some repairmen grease bolts and nuts.This is actually a mistake.Because after the tire nut is tightened, there are self-locking characteristics between the threads, such as butter will loosen the nut, and even cause an accident.


9. Do not use emery cloth to polish bearing tiles

For some inexperienced repairmen, tile scraping is a difficult job, because it is difficult to grasp the tile scraping technology, so the bearing is not easy to meet the technical requirements.To this end, someone in the replacement of the bearing pad with sand cloth grinding instead of scraping tile.This method is extremely undesirable in practical maintenance, because the abrasive on the sand cloth is hard, and the bearing shell alloy is soft, so when grinding sand is easily embedded in the alloy, the work will accelerate the wear of the shaft neck, shorten the service life.

10.Do not screw the bolt too tight

In the process of disassembly and assembly, the bolts in many parts have specified torque requirements, and the tightening torque is also specified in the manual, which cannot be changed at will.However, many users mistakenly believe that it is safer to tighten it, but if you tighten it too much, the screw or bolt will break, and the screw may also be broken due to thread slip.

11.Avoid high tire pressure

For wheeled equipment such as wheeled mobile crushing station, too high or too low tire pressure will affect its service life, and is not conducive to safe driving, especially in hot summer.The scientific inflation standard should be: the standard pressure of the tire as a benchmark, with the change in temperature, the tire pressure is slightly adjusted.For example: summer should be lower than winter 5%-7%, because summer temperature is high, gas heating, pressure increase, winter is the opposite.

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