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Sika commissions two new plants in Kazakhstan

  Sika is expanding its presence in Kaz-akhstan and strengthening its position in two of the country’s growth regions. To reinforce existing production operations in Almaty in the southeast of the country, Sika is simultaneously commissioning two further concrete admixture production plants, one in the capital Astana and the other in Atyrau in the west.

  The capital of the country, Astana, and Kazakhstan’s western region are attractive markets: In the past three years alone, there have been inflows of approximately US$ 17 billion into Astana’s dynamic construction market. Major projects such as the new Light Rail Transport System of Astana (LRT) and the Abu Dhabi Plaza structure, which will be the highest building in central Asia, are fueling substantial demand for concrete. This also applies to the oil and gas industry in the region around Atyrau. One example is the Prorva access channel, which will connect one of the biggest oil fields in the region – the Tengiz oil field – with the Caspian Sea.

  Diversification of the economy driving construction demand

  Kazakhstan’s economy is witnessing a clear uptrend, which is being driven by the rising oil price, increasing Chinese investment, and the state capital expenditure program aimed at greater diversification for the country and reduced dependency on oil. According to estimates, the construction industry is expected to grow by 5.9 % in 2018, with annual growth averaging 4.9 % up to 2022.

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