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WCA welcomes China United Cement Corporation (CUCC)

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  London, 3 April 2018 – The World Cement Association announced today that China United Cement Corporation (CUCC) has joined as a Corporate Member. CUCC is a cement company with an annual production capacity of 80 million tonnes and more than 70 branches and subsidiaries all over China. With the corporation joining the international Association, WCA now covers 35 countries and its membership continues to grow rapidly.

  “We are delighted to welcome CUCC to our worldwide cement community and particularly admire the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions along the production process,” said Norman Greig, Secretary General of the World Cement Association. “This focus naturally fits well with our own goal of working towards a more sustainable industry, so we expect some fruitful collaboration in this area.”

  China United Cement Corporation Ltd. produces and sells cement and concrete products in China and has grown significantly since its foundation in 1999. CUCC’s concrete products are used in buildings, highways, tunnels and underground mines. The company is highly focused on offering green, environmentally-friendly building materials.

  Cui Xingtai, Chairman of China United Cement, emphasized that “WCA provides a platform for global cement companies to communicate, exchange, learn, and share. It helps member companies strengthen exchanges and cooperation and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the world cement industry. As a WCA member company, China United Cement will work with its colleagues in the global cement industry to jointly safeguard the interests of the industry and fulfil its social responsibilities. It will contribute to the advancement of the world cement industry towards a sustainable future.”

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