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China promotes manufacturing bans new cement construction

jiangsu lvssn cement news:The central economic work conference held last month put  "promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry" "at the top of its priorities for 2019, and vowed to unswervingly build a manufacturing powerhouse.For this deployment, how will the system be implemented?

China's industrial economy is large, resilient and capable of coping with various risks, xin guobin, vice-minister of industry and information technology, said at a press conference on the implementation of the spirit of the central economic work conference held by the state council on jan 16.In 2018, China's industrial added value is expected to reach 30 trillion yuan, continuing to be the largest in the world.In particular, with the development of the digital economy, we are still full of confidence in the future development of the manufacturing industry due to the "digital dividend" brought by the development of the digital, networked and intelligent manufacturing industry.

In terms of improving the professional ability and level of small and medium-sized enterprises, xin guobin mentioned that a number of "specialized and special" "small giant" enterprises and "single champion" enterprises focusing on subdivided fields should be cultivated to create better development conditions for them.

At the same time, the reporter noticed that recently, the ministry of industry and information minister MiaoWei also said in an interview with the media, miit will, in accordance with the central economic work conference, deployment, and do a good job of "six stability" requirement, in "consolidating, strengthen, improve, open" serious, take strong measures to keep industry steady and healthy development of the telecommunication industry, create a new situation and manufacturing power and power network construction.

We will promote high-quality development of the manufacturing sector

China is the world's second largest economy, with a huge domestic market, a complete industrial system, increasing innovation capacity, convenient infrastructure and a good business environment, miao said.The ministry of industry and information technology will earnestly implement the plan of the central economic work conference, unswervingly build China into a manufacturing power, and accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

As for how to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, both miao wei and xin guobin mentioned that the following six aspects should be emphasized.

First, establish and improve the policy system, index system and evaluation system for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Second, we will strengthen capacity for innovation and continue to build a national manufacturing innovation center.We should break the "valley of death" from basic research and applied research to industrialization, promote the industrialization of scientific research results, and strengthen research on key generic technologies.

Third, we will deepen structural adjustment of the manufacturing sector, with the focus on unremittingly cutting overcapacity, accelerating the upgrading of traditional industries, implementing a new round of major technological upgrading projects, and guiding the upgrading of traditional industries.We will promote the development of emerging industries such as artificial intelligence and new energy vehicles.We will deepen the implementation of intelligent manufacturing projects and foster and develop a number of advanced manufacturing clusters.

Fourth, we will improve the environment for the development of the manufacturing sector, further relax market access, reduce institutional transaction costs, and promote the coordinated development of science, technology, finance, talent and the manufacturing sector.We will further reduce the VAT rate for manufacturing and continue to reduce the cost of electricity and water for manufacturing.

Fifth, we will foster more competitive and high-quality enterprises, thoroughly implement the law on the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement financial policies and measures to support the development of small and micro businesses.

Sixth, we will further open wider to the outside world, fully implement the pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list management system, and implement the opening-up policy for automobile, ship, aircraft and other industries.

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