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The issue of sandstone and cement price increase was put for

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The phenomenon of “forbidden mining”, “price increase”, “out of stock” and “discontinuation of production” has become a hot topic of concern for the sand and cement industry, especially the increase in sandstone prices exceeds industry expectations. In view of the fact that the price of sand and gravel in some areas has risen too fast, the contradiction between supply and demand of sand and gravel is prominent, the market is seriously out of stock, and the quality of sand and gravel is poor. As early as 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a document to many provinces and cities and investigated the price increase of sandstone and other building materials. Many local governments also issued relevant policy documents.
Shaanxi: The mines and rivers are restricted to production and the price of sand and gravel is 280 yuan/ton.
Shanghai: sand and gravel, Shanghai requires construction sand and gravel must be filed
Sichuan: Nanchong sandstone resources are tight, and the price of commercial and mixed prices is 50% higher than the previous period.
Chongqing: The gravel in the main city is prohibited, which causes the natural sand to more than double...
Yunnan: Kunming sandstone resources are in short supply, and commercial mixed prices have risen by 30 yuan/square.
Gansu: 220 closed and demolition sand mining sites, investing more than 15 million yuan to control river courses
Henan: Construction sand has soared over 200 yuan / ton
Hebei: Posting from July 1st to August 15th prohibits any river sand mining!
Anhui: Investing in hundreds of millions of gravel piers
Jiangxi: Nanchang has no sand available, buy sand to go to the village committee to open the certificate
Guangdong: sand is up to 342 yuan per square, gravel is 230 yuan per party
Finally, some CPPCC members have made proposals on this issue!
     On January 15, the fourth meeting of the 13th session of the Dongguan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China was officially opened. The four-day "two sessions" of Dongguan in 2019 also kicked off. Among the 245 members' proposals, the high-profile proposal was made by Yang Jinghui, a member of the CPPCC National Committee, on the proposal to control the high-priced operation of sand and gravel.
Proposal for the Fourth Session of the 13th Session of the Dongguan CPPCC
Pre-submission No. 6067
Case: Suggestions on controlling the high price of sand and gravel
Category: Resource Environment
Subclass: Resource
Subject heading: Engineering institutions Infrastructure supervision Building materials Quality
Proposer: Yang Jinghui
Proposal content:
“Green Mountain and Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan”. In order to adhere to the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, firmly establish the concept of green development, and do a good job in ecological civilization construction, at the end of March this year, the Dongguan Municipal Government organized a mobilization meeting for the refinement of the Dongguan Municipal Sand Farm. In June, the Ministry of Water Resources issued the “Notice on Launching the National River and Lake Sand Mining Special Remediation Action” and organized a six-month special rectification campaign for river and lake sand mining, continuously strengthening sand mining management, and cracking down on illegal sand mining. . But at the same time, there are also a series of problems such as the shortage of sandstone and other building materials, the monopoly of the industry, and the skyrocketing prices.

First, the status quo of sandstone prices

Recently, the Guangdong Price Monitoring Center organized some city price monitoring agencies to follow up on the operation of sand, cement and concrete prices. The results show that after the rapid increase in prices in the third quarter of this year, the current price of sand, cement and concrete in Guangdong Province. Still running at a high level. As far as Dongguan is concerned, the price of sand has risen from about 50 yuan/square to about 200 yuan/square, which has increased by 4 times. As the price of sand and gravel continues to increase and the supply is insufficient, the cost of concrete also increases. From the previous 285 Yuan/fang has risen to about 580 yuan / square, up more than 1 time.
According to the survey, the price of construction sand for concrete mixing stations in various cities on November 26 was as high as 342 yuan/m3, the price of crushed stone was as high as 230 yuan/m3, the price of cement was as high as 560 yuan/ton, and the price of ready-mixed concrete was as high as 665 yuan/m3. At present, the policies of environmental protection, sand mining and remediation, over-loading, and elimination of evil have continued to tighten. The tight supply of sand, cement and concrete has not changed. Near the end of the year, the progress of infrastructure projects in various regions has accelerated, and demand for building materials is strong. In summary, it is expected that the prices of sand, cement and concrete will continue to rise in the later period.

Second, the importance of controlling the price of sand and gravel

Because the price of cement and sandstone has swept across the country, it has also brought a series of chain reactions. If the project progress is slow or even forced to stop work, the quality of sand and gravel is difficult to guarantee, which seriously affects the quality and safety of the project construction. Moreover, Dongguan is pursuing a multiplication plan involving many major project projects. The rising construction costs have invisibly increased the threshold for the development of enterprises, and the burden on enterprises has been increasing.
The Sino-US trade war has led to the current external situation being severe, and the country is also at a critical moment of infrastructure construction. Therefore, how to ensure the smooth and steady advancement of each project under construction is directly related to the subsequent development of the economy. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the price and supply of engineering materials such as sand and gravel. The high-priced operation of sand and gravel not only has a great impact on the construction industry, sand and gravel industry, but also involves the development of enterprises and the promotion of major projects with multiplication plans.
On September 5, the Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on the investigation of the price situation of sandstone, cement, concrete and other building materials required to find out the recent increase in sandstone prices, analyze the reasons, and strengthen market supervision, which made the sandstone The price is controlled. However, in December, the price of sand and gravel is still operating at a high price. Therefore, in order to effectively control the high price of sand and gravel and ensure the smooth progress of major projects under construction, the following suggestions are made:


(1) Improve the management system of the sand yard to ensure the quality of sandstone and other building materials.

At present, the technical application of sandstone substitute materials is still not mature, and the sandstone market is in short supply, resulting in some fake and shoddy alternative materials flowing into the construction site, and the quality of the alternative sandstone is difficult to guarantee, which greatly affects the quality of the project and may even seriously affect Production safety issues. Therefore, it is hoped that the management system of the sand yard will be continuously improved, management supervision will be strengthened, and illegal sand mining and counterfeit and substandard alternatives will be severely cracked down.

(2) Establish a specialized management department for river sand and establish a price warning mechanism.

It is hoped that the government will not only introduce a long-term effective management system for sand fields, but also set up a special management department for river sands, set up a price warning mechanism to control the price of sandstone and other building materials, once the price fluctuates. A warning line is to convene all involved departments to solve problems and formulate relevant effective measures.

(3) Improve the technology of river sand substitute materials to further meet the demand.

In order to protect the ecological environment and strictly control sand mining and other actions, it is recommended to increase the research and development innovation of related technologies. Can we further improve the mechanism sand? Whether it is possible to produce better river sand substitute materials and so on.

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