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Another cement accident caused one death. How to take it saf

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On January 24, the office of the Safety Production Committee of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, conducted a centralized notification of the recent accidents, including: At about 8:20 on January 18, 2019, Haoxiang Cement Grinding Co., Ltd. During the construction of the steel structure warehouse, an object hitting accident occurred, causing one death.
It is understood that Rugao Yuxiang Cement Grinding Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, and its production address is located in the 23rd group of the city of Rugao Town, Rugao City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province (License No. XK08-001-05265). The company has a grinding production line. The key equipment is 1 set of Φ3.8×13m cement mill. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of P.C42.5 Portland cement and P.C32.5R Portland cement, with a production scale of 600,000 tons/year. The full text of the notification is as follows:
All towns (districts, streets) security committee, the relevant departments of the city:
Since December 18, 2018, the city has produced frequent safety accidents. Seven cases have occurred and 10 people have died. The lessons are profound and the losses are heavy. I am now informing you, please focus on the outstanding problems exposed in the seven accidents, combined with the status quo of the safety management of the jurisdiction, and give priority to the precise control to ensure the safety of production before and after the "Spring Festival".

One or seven accidents

At about 10:20 on December 18, 1.2018, the Rizhao City Zhongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. located in Changjiang Town, with an annual output of 300 tons of fluorocytosine and a by-product of 200 tons of ammonium fluoride technical transformation project, occurred during the commissioning of the trial production equipment. A large poisoning accident killed three people and injured one.
At about 4:30 on December 24, 2002, Guo Ding (Nantong) Pipe Pile Co., Ltd., located in Changjiang Town, had an object hitting accident when transporting the pipe pile, causing one death.
At about 8:40 on January 11, 3.2019, an explosion occurred in the kitchen operation room of the Changqing Kindergarten dining hall in the town of Chaoyang, killing one person.
At about 9:30 on January 11, 2002, a fire injury accident occurred in the production process of Rugao Minghua Arts & Crafts Factory in Baipu Town, causing one death.
At 23:40 on January 13, 5.2019, Nantong Huitong Casing Co., Ltd., located in Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone, had a limited space operation accident in the heparin workshop septic tank, causing two deaths.
At about 8:20 on January 18, 6.2019, when Xiangyu Cement Grinding Co., Ltd., located in the town of Qianjing, was engaged in the construction of a steel structure warehouse, an object hitting accident occurred, killing one person.
At around 14:00 on January 18, 720, the Rugao Longzhu Garment Co., Ltd., located in Jiuhua Town, had a high-rise fall accident during the production operation, causing one death.
Second, the cause analysis
This year’s safe production and death accidents have come earlier, more fiercely and more densely than in any previous year. Among the 7 accidents, there was a major accident. There were 4 accidents in industrial enterprises and 7 deaths, accounting for 57.14% and 70% respectively; 2 cases occurred in building materials and construction, and 2 people died. Among them, 2 objects were hit, and poisoning, suffocation, mechanical injury, falling from high places, and explosion accidents were respectively caused. The occurrence of the accident has exposed many outstanding problems in the safety management of the relevant regulatory authorities and enterprises in our city.

(1) Safety supervision level

1. The requirements of the comprehensive supervision of the towns (districts, streets) and relevant municipal competent departments and the “management of the management industry must be managed” and “who is responsible for the responsibility” are not implemented. While the relevant functional departments are grasping the teaching and grasping the development of the casing industry, they have neglected the safety production work, did not take the lead in organizing targeted safety training, did not carry out effective inspection and rectification, and appeared that the safety work is being grasped and not caught. Passive coping with the situation, regardless of the management, has led to frequent safety incidents in the field of education and casing processing.
2. The safety supervision department has not implemented the safety supervision of the company's limited space operations, mechanical injuries, object strikes, special operations, and climbing operations, and the supervision base is unclear. The confirmation of the working conditions in the limited space of industrial and trade enterprises has been deployed for more than four years, but there are still “fishing in the net” in various towns (districts and streets). The Municipal Bureau has checked the special operations, climbing operations, lifting operations, etc., and still found many hidden dangers and problems, indicating that the grassroots supervision departments have promoted the implementation of the operation ticket system, and the work is not deep, not detailed or untrue.
3. The grassroots supervisors have insufficient understanding of the related requirements of limited space operations, climbing operations, lifting operations, mechanical processing, and prevention of object strikes. The law enforcement inspection process cannot effectively identify problems and rely too much on intermediaries. There is no scientific and feasible rectification suggestion, security check chart form, go through the field, and no effect. During the inspection, only the management according to the relevant requirements was pointed out, and the specific problems such as no training, no emergency drills, no testing instruments and emergency equipment, no warning signs, etc. were not specified, and there was no “granting to fish”.
4. The law enforcement is lax, with more inspections and fewer penalties. Judging from the year-end assessment in 2018, the number of law enforcement and the amount of punishment in individual towns and districts is obviously less. In some towns, the number of law enforcement in the whole year is single digit, and there is no effect of “punishing one family and shocking one”. The leaders of individual towns (districts and streets) are afraid that the law enforcement will seriously affect the investment environment and affect the development of enterprises. They will “green light” the illegal production and violations of the discovered enterprises, and take the lead in “greeting” and “handing out the articles”, interfering with law enforcement and obstructing law enforcement. Some supervisors have a serious idea of ​​"good old people". They are afraid of offending people. They can't get "hands-on" and can't get "real tricks."

(2) Enterprise level

1. The safety management system is copied and copied, and the operation approval system is not strictly implemented. Judging from the situation of standardization review, many enterprise management systems have different content that is inconsistent with the actual situation of the enterprise. The operation approval requirements are divided into three levels and the actual ones are not graded, and the systems are contradictory. The implementation of approval systems for limited space operations, hot work, climbing operations, and lifting operations in many enterprises is not strict, and responsibility is not implemented. Some operating conditions confirm that the person is not signed, and even the part of the job ticket, the operator, the operator, and the safety guardian are all the same person. Some of the safety measures in the "Operation Approval Form" are incomplete, and there is a lack of relevant confirmation contents such as safe delivery of the operator, emergency equipment, and on-site monitoring.
2. The position security risk is not recognized, and the control measures cannot keep up. In 2018, the city carried out in-depth security risk identification management and control work, and achieved certain results, but there are still many problems. Some enterprises did not carry out limited space investigation and identification, did not take preventive measures for limited space operations, did not set a limited space safety warning sign in a conspicuous position, did not equipped with gas detection instruments and ventilation equipment as required, and personal protective equipment and emergency equipment were missing. It is not equipped with oxygen content and toxic and harmful gas detection instruments. Most enterprises do not know that the test instruments need to be regularly checked, and they are not regularly checked. The gas detection instruments cannot be used normally.
3. Safety training or training is not carried out for climbing operations, limited space operations, hot work, etc. The employees are not aware of the safety risks of the posts. Although some enterprises have training records, after on-site inquiry, the operators are not aware of the main dangerous and harmful factors in this position, and do not master the basic emergency measures. The "three cards" content has not entered the mind. Some enterprise employees have full marks for the exams. In fact, they are filled in by the security officer. The safety awareness and preventive skills of front-line employees have not improved, and violations of regulations, illegal operations, and illegal blindness have occurred from time to time. When the crane is engaged in hoisting work, under the premise that the four legs are not fully extended and the wooden board is placed under the support plate (the spurs of the legs must be inserted), the hoisting begins, causing the car to collapse and injure people.
4. The emergency plan or on-site disposal measures are not targeted, and no emergency drills or drills are organized to go through the field, and the emergency response capability is insufficient. The contingency plans prepared by most enterprises are not targeted and operability, and the specific measures for carrying out emergency rescue are not detailed. Most enterprise emergency drills are limited to fire extinguishers, and there are no dangerous and harmful factors that may occur in the production process of the company. Many enterprises have not implemented emergency protection measures, and have never carried out emergency drills. The scenes were blindly rescued, resulting in the expansion of accidents.

Third, the specific requirements

(1) Effectively strengthen the management and control of security risk identification. The occurrence of 7 deaths and accidents, the implementation of risk identification control is not the main reason. In 2019, all towns (districts, streets) and relevant departments of the city should continue to use safety risk identification and control as the main line, as the basis, as a starting point, and further deepen, re-consolidate and re-innovate on the basis of vigorously promoting in 2018. We will provide superior supervision, guarantee work expenses, provide vehicle security, and ensure the smooth implementation of supervision. It is necessary to urge enterprises to incorporate the identified security risks and their control measures into the post operating procedures, and implement the “one-in-one-list” management and control model, so that risk management and control can be effectively implemented in daily management and front-line positions to ensure that security risks can be controlled.
(2) Continuously strengthen professional technical strength and safety education and training. Supervise and urge enterprises to cooperate with strong professional and technical strength, equipped with professional counterparts, full-time craftsmen with appropriate capabilities, equipment and technical personnel, professional and professional. Enterprises are required to formulate and improve the production operation procedures of the devices, carry out targeted training and assessment, and ensure that the operators have the post security risks, operational skills, and emergency response capabilities with abnormal process conditions. Special operations personnel must obtain corresponding qualifications and hold certificates. Enterprises are required to inspect the safety management system, operating procedures and implementation, and deal with violations seriously.
(3) Continue to promote emergency management. Guide and urge enterprises to formulate a complete "Emergency Rescue Plan" and "On-Site Disposal Plan", standardize emergency response cards, equip emergency protective equipment and emergency rescue materials, carry out emergency training and targeted practical drills to ensure that post employees are skilled in using individuals. Protective equipment and emergency equipment ensure that the fire water system, foam fire extinguishing system, fire alarm system, flammable and toxic gas detection and alarm system, linkage exhaust system, etc. are intact. For the dangerous "Tiger mouth" operations, it is necessary to implement the listing implementation and the special person guardian system.
(4) Strictly carry out safety production law enforcement inspections. All towns (districts, streets) and relevant departments of the city should carefully investigate the weak links existing in the safety management work of their respective jurisdictions and the industry, deeply analyze the root causes of the problems, take problems as the guide, use rectification as a means, and strictly enforce the law and inspection. If an enterprise has violated the law on illegal production and has not taken effective measures to rectify it, it shall be severely punished according to law; enterprises that are not serious or rectified in rectification shall be punished according to the upper limit, take measures to suspend production and rectify, and conduct accountability for relevant responsible persons. To promote enterprises to implement the responsibility of safety production.
(5) Full implementation of all work related to safety production before and after the “Spring Festival”. All towns (districts, streets) and relevant departments of the city should fully recognize the current grim situation facing the city's safety production work, aiming at enterprise production safety, traffic safety, construction safety, food and gas safety in dining places, fire safety of people renting houses around schools, etc. In key industry sectors, in view of the fact that at the end of the year, the flow of people, logistics, and traffic volume has increased significantly, we will find the main direction, carry out risk analysis, carry out safety inspections, large-scale inspections, major rectifications, and always do emergency duty and emergency disposal. Work to ensure production safety before and after the “Spring Festival”.

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