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Disposal and prevention of grate cooler pile snowman

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  Grate cooler is the main equipment for cooling clinker in new dry cement production.But in the use of the "snowman" phenomenon often appears.What is a grate cooler snowman?The so - called grate cooler pile snowman is a kind of image of the name, is actually a block yo.That is, in the grate cooler in front of the wall of the rotary kiln tube to the back of the unloading chute, the moving grate plate did not timely push away the fine hot clinker, so that the more and more high, the shape of the pile to the winter children piled snowman, serious can block to the kiln mouth.It is very difficult to deal with the grate cooler and build a snowman.When the fine hot clinker is piled up at the kiln head, the protection iron of the kiln head will be severely worn out, so that the protection iron of the heat-resistant steel will be scrapped soon.Building snowman will also affect the thermal system and ventilation in the kiln, sometimes burn grate cooler, resulting in girder deformation and other malignant accidents.

  I. cause analysis

  1. Improper combination of grate cooler and rotary kiln causes snowman.Grate cooler with rotary kiln can be divided into axial position and lateral position, the axial location with must be a grate cooler into the kiln discharge outlet blanking points inside, and the first row of grate plate, grate plate must be activities such as the installation of welding or manufacturing ignores this, kiln mouth short segment barrel or grate plate activity line is bad, can cause grate cooler frequently make a snowman.The combination of grate cooler and transverse position of rotary kiln must ensure that the longitudinal center line of grate cooler and the longitudinal center line of rotary kiln deviate a reasonable distance in arrangement.If lack of experience, the design of two central lines to a Central Line, will cause grate cooler frequent snowman, but also affect the normal operation of the kiln;

  2, clinker fly sand or liquid phase quantity, will lead to grate cooler pile snowman.For the pre-decomposition kiln, if the calcining temperature is too high, it is easy to increase the clinker dust, that is, flying sand, at this time, the cooling efficiency is low, the dust cycle is intensified, it is possible to cause the grate cooler "red river", grate plate burned out, bolt deformation and fracture, will also make the liquid phase quantity is too much.Excessive liquid phase quantity and excessive clinker dust are combined to form a floating material layer. Although the grate plate moves repeatedly, it cannot push the material away.With the falling of the material, it is inevitable that the grate cooler makes a snowman.

  3. Unreasonable grate bed structure;

  4. Improper ingredients, high n value of clinker and high Al2O content;

  5.the kiln system is not well ventilated, the first coal consumption is large, the combustion is not complete, the settlement of the secondary combustion.(2) the formation of snowman is induced by short flame burning before snowman building, high temperature before kiln, poor cooling effect of clinker and high temperature of blind plate of grate cooler.(3) grate bed fault stop and the kiln is still running.(4) the sintering belt temperature is high, and the cooling belt is too short or there is no cooling belt, resulting in secondary sintering.

  6. Coal ash content is high, SO3 is high, liquid phase surface tension is small, is the root cause of flying sand is also the cause of snowman.The SO3 in pulverized coal is greatly increased, and when the reducing atmosphere is intensified, it is easy to form a highly cohesive mineral sulfosilicalite (2C2S?CaSO4), the higher the temperature of this mineral, the more difficult it is to decompose, and the easier it is to make a snowman

  7. High moisture content, slow combustion rate and low thermal strength in coal powder. In order to top fire f-ca O and increase coal consumption, incomplete combustion of coal powder occurs.The reduction atmosphere is more serious, and when Fe2O3 is reduced to FeO, it will lead to the decrease of liquid phase, worse clinker granulation and more sand flying.

  8. Incomplete combustion of flame deformed materials;

  9. Air volume and pressure of high-pressure cooling fan are insufficient;

  10, preheater collapse or clean up the plug when the sudden collapse of the formation of the punch.

  How to prevent and take measures

  1. Arrange the relative positions of grate cooler and rotary kiln correctly.

  2. Stabilize the thermal system in the kiln, avoid excessive kiln temperature and liquid phase quantity, and carefully observe the fire

  3. Improve the structure of grate bed;

  4. The high-sulfur raw coal is limited to the factory and used together to ensure that the SO3 in the pulverized coal entering the kiln does not exceed the standard;

  5. Appropriately reduce n rate value, increase Fe2O3 content in clinker and ensure clinker granulation.

  6, kiln head to reduce coal properly, reduce the temperature of burning belt

  7. Ensure the matching of wind coal, reduce the moisture of coal powder and avoid incomplete combustion.

  8. It is strictly prohibited to burn the top of the fire in a short time, stretch the flame appropriately and reduce the atmosphere.

  9. Adjust the shape and position of the flame to prevent coal dust from joining the clinker;

  10. Appropriately increase the kiln speed and shorten the residence time of materials in the sintering zone;

  11. Increase the cooling air volume, start the air gun, and explode the material;

  12. If the kiln is seriously stopped, clean it manually from the side inspection opening.

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