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Dust problem in crusher production and improvement measures

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  A company in the stone processing and other mining resources in the production process will produce a lot of dust, the dust both pollution of the environment and to the health of workers caused great harm, so in the stone production line processing, find a solution to dust is very necessary.

  At present, there are still some problems in dust removal in the crusher production, mainly including:

  1. The filter area of bag-type dust remover is too small, and the actual air volume is not enough. It is difficult to form micro-negative pressure in the dust removal cover at the feeding port of the crusher and the cavity of the crusher, resulting in large dust in the working environment.

  2. When the humidity of the broken material is high (after rain or after the material is showered with water), the dust particles entering the dust collector are coarser than those entering the broken dry material. Bag-type dust remover is easy to paste the bag, and the feeder is easy to block, resulting in a large increase in the ventilation resistance of bag-type dust remover, a decrease in the ventilation capacity, and serious dust collection.

  3. In the pipeline where dust enters the dust remover, the elbow at the inlet pipe increases the system resistance, and the elbow is easily worn and blocked by dust.

  The use of spiral conveyor and grid-wheel conveying dust collected by bag-type dust collector increases the power consumption and the workload of mechanical maintenance.

  Often need to disassemble the grid wheel feeder, over time, the feeder flange air leakage, dust hopper air leakage.

  4. In the falling process of materials on the belt conveyor, air and materials enter into the closed dust removal cover together, and dust-containing gas spreads to the outside of the cover through gaps and orifice on the cover wall, thus polluting the environment.

  In addition, due to the improper setting of dust removal points at the corner of the belt conveyor, the dust remover has almost no effect on the drop dust of the lower belt conveyor whether it is opened or stopped.

  Therefore, since the no. 5 stone breaker was put into operation, the dust collector has not been put into operation. The lower belt conveyor has been in the dust

  5. In order to reduce the dust caused by air leakage of crusher shell, in actual production, when the material is dry, water is often poured at the entrance of crusher, and the result aggravates the blocking of filter bag paste bag and feeder of bag-type dust remover.

  Because bag-type dust remover is intermittent dust removal, when the dust remover works normally, the air leakage of the grid wheel is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

  6. Bag-type dust remover and its accessories have many faults, which not only affect the normal dust removal, but also increase the maintenance workload of the equipment.

  From the statistics of equipment maintenance, the poor quality of equipment is an important cause of equipment failure.

  For those existing problems, some technical measures need to be improved:

  1. Update the bag filter at the corner of crusher and belt conveyor to lngm64-4 and lngm4-8 bag filter respectively.

  According to the characteristics of dust, water repellent and oil repellent filter material is adopted.

  Lngm4-8 bag filter is arranged in the open air, and its shell is heat preservation and waterproof.

  In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the brand, specification and model should be paid attention to when purchasing the key parts of the bag-type dust remover, so as to reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

  2. Improve the technological layout of bag-type dust remover, and arrange the dust remover of stone crusher according to the direction of belt conveyor;

  The standard dust hopper of bag-type dust collector is transformed into a double dust hopper structure, which eliminates a spiral conveyor and elevates the bag-type dust collector, which is beneficial to the arrangement of air inlet duct (the Angle of air duct is large).

  The inlet box is set in the air inlet, so that the dust from the feeding mouth of the crusher enters directly into the inlet box of the dust collector, saving the elbow, reducing the system resistance and improving the dust collecting efficiency.

  Dust bucket lock style with a single flap valve, the elimination of the grid-wheel feeder and its motor, reduce the secondary dust, improve the effect of dust removal.

  3. The dust at the corner of the belt conveyor is restricted by the site conditions, and its chute and dust hood cannot be changed. The form of dust removal technology layout is adopted to make the dust hood in a state of micro-negative pressure to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor.

  4. In order to improve the comprehensive dedusting effect of crusher and belt conveyor, water can be properly poured at the entrance of crusher materials as required (it is required to be carried out after the crusher is opened for 10 ~ 20min) according to the requirement that it is conducive to the service life of filter material and pulse valve as well as the dust falling from the ash bucket.

  5. Strengthen the management of dust removal equipment, check the airtight condition of dust removal cover regularly, and deal with problems in time if found.

  To carry out target management examination on dust emission of post environment and bag-type dust collector, carry out dust monitoring regularly, use economic lever to mobilize the work enthusiasm of post personnel, improve the maintenance level of dust removal equipment and minimize dust pollution.

  After the improvement of technical measures, dust removal effect and experience:

  1. After the transformation, the environment at the corner of crusher and belt conveyor meets the design requirements, and the dust discharge can hardly be seen at the exit of the dust collector.

  After more than three months of operation, the equipment has not been maintained.

  2. There is no pasting bag phenomenon in the filter material in the bag filter.

  3. It should be noted that the dust cover dust curtain structure has a great impact on the effect of dust removal, dust curtain can not use 1 piece of old belt hanging on the matter, should be cut into the old belt 15 ~ 20mm wide, 1/4 part of the superposition into a piece of curtain, so as to facilitate the passage of materials on the belt machine, and has a good sealing performance.

  In order to ensure a good post environment, the post workers in addition to strengthen the maintenance of dust removal equipment, keep the post and crusher equipment clean health is also very necessary.

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