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The difference between impact crusher and hammer crusher

  In the crushing process, the material is crushed in the set flow channel along the first and second counterattack plates through a repeated impact route of a certain time and a certain length, and the lower uniform plate is used to determine the particle size of the discharge. effect. The crushing of the material is carried out under the impact of the hammer, followed by further crushing on the counter-attack plate, and the block group collides with each other in the air to be crushed. Compared with the hammer crusher, the impact crusher has the following differences:

  Method / Step 1:

  The hammer and rotor of the impact crusher are rigidly connected, and the inertia of the entire rotor is used to impact the material so that it not only breaks but also obtains greater speed and kinetic energy. The hammer head of the hammer crusher is a single material that is struck and broken, and the speed and kinetic energy obtained by the material are limited.


  Method / Step 2:

  The crushing chamber of the impact crusher is large, so that the material has a certain movable space, and the material is fully affected by impact and crushing. The crushing chamber of the hammer crusher is small.


  Method / Step 3:

  The hammer of the impact crusher greets the input material from the bottom up for impact crushing and throws it onto the upper counterattack plate. The hammer crusher strikes the material in the direction in which the material falls.

  Method / Step 4:

  The counter crusher generally has no purlin screen at the lower part, and the product size is ensured by the speed of the hammer and the gap between the counterattack or the uniform slab. The hammer crusher controls the particle size of the product by a purlin screen. The impact crusher has a large impact crushing capacity and is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, and chemical industries. The impact crusher is especially suitable for crushing medium-hard brittle materials. It can be used to crush coarse, medium and fine crushed materials such as limestone, coal, sandstone, cement clinker, iron ore, aluminum ore and molybdenum ore. Due to the remarkable crushing effect of the impact crusher, it can replace the shovel, roller and cone crusher in some small and medium-sized factories and mines.

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