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Removal of the jaw crusher

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    Because the jaw crusher has been operating in harsh working environment for a long time, it needs to crush ores, cement, stones and so on with high hardness. Therefore, it has great wear and tear, and the replacement frequency of wear-resistant parts is high, so it needs to prepare spare parts to avoid delaying production. This involves the disassembly of the jaw crusher, the replacement of wear-resistant parts and the number of spare parts.

   Removal of the jaw crusher

jaw crusher

  The most frequent replacement of the jaw crusher is the thrust plate, that is, the elbow plate.

  The whole connecting rod crusher must remove the thrust plate, first screw out the baffle bolt, cut off the dry oil and oil pipe, the thrust plate hanging on the crane lifting hook or other lifting equipment, then can release the spring at one end of the horizontal pull rod, pull the jaw to the fixed jaw direction, take out the thrust plate.

  If the rear thrust plate is to be removed, the connecting rod should be pulled together with the front thrust plate and the movable jaw to remove the rear thrust plate.

  After the thrust plate is removed, cut off the thin oil lubricating pipe and cooling water pipe, and support them with a bracket under the connecting rod, and then remove the connecting rod cover before lifting the connecting rod.

  The main shaft of the crusher should be removed together with the belt pulley and flywheel, the motor (together with the belt) along the slide rail as close as possible to the crusher, take off the triangle belt.

  Then lift the shaft with the crane.

  To remove the movable jaw, it is necessary to cut off the dry oil pipe, disassemble the pull rod, remove the bearing cover, and then pull the movable jaw out with a crane or other lifting equipment.

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