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Jaw crusher wear - resistant parts replacement meaning matte

  In the jaw crusher, the lining plate, thrust plate and eccentric shaft are the main wear resistant parts. The service life of the jaw wear resistant parts is shown in the figure below.

  Below introduces these wear-resistant parts to replace the matters needing attention.

  1. Replacement of lining plate

The jaw plate

  Jaw crusher fixed jaw lining plate (tooth plate), moving jaw lining plate (tooth plate), the two sides of the lining plate (guard plate) the most easy to wear.

  Severe wear and tear will result in larger product size.

  When the initial wear of the liner plate, the liner plate can be turned back to use, or the upper and lower two pieces turn back to use.

  The wear of the jaw plate is mostly concentrated in the middle and lower part. When the tooth plate is worn out by 3/5, a new lining plate should be replaced.

  When the two sides of the lining wear off 2/5, also need to replace the new.

  2. Replacement of spindle, eccentric shaft and bearing bush

  If the shaft wear is not much, just to repair the geometry, can be taken to the lathe turning, but after a few turning to reduce the size of the shaft neck than the original 5%, it is not allowed to turn, should be replaced by a new.

  Because the jaw crusher operates under impact load, the babbitt liner on the bearing bush needs to be remade every two years.

  If the eccentric shaft and bearing bush, spindle and bearing bush wear, the clearance is greater than 1.5 times of the original assembly clearance, need to add pad adjustment or replacement;

  Oil groove wear 1.5 mm, should be re-opened and adjusted oil groove;

  When the clearance between connecting rod head cover and eccentric shaft is more than 1.5 times of assembly clearance, it is necessary to add pad to adjust or replace it.

  3. Replacement of thrust plate

  When the thrust plate is seriously worn or the front thrust plate is broken, the ore in the crushing chamber shall be removed first, and the thrust plate with severe wear or broken shall be taken out to check whether the bracket on the movable jaw and connecting rod is damaged.

  Then pull the movable jaw near the fixed jaw, lubricate the working surface of the bracket with dry oil, change the new thrust plate, make it slowly contact with the working surface of the bracket, and tighten the horizontal pull rod, make the movable jaw clamp the thrust plate.

  Tighten the safety cover, connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the outlet.


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