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How to prolong the service life of liner

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  Reasonable design and material selection

  The design and material selection of the jaw plate is the foundation of the service life of the jaw plate.

  Jaw plate design:

  The tooth peak should be opposite to the tooth valley between the moving and fixed jaw plate, so as to ensure that the jaw plate can not only apply the corresponding extrusion pressure on the material, but also apply a certain bending stress to improve the crushing capacity of the jaw.

  For the small and medium-sized jaw break, in order to extend the service life of the jaw plate, the jaw plate can be designed into the shape of the upper and lower symmetry, so that it can be used when the lower part is seriously worn.

  For large jaw break, the jaw plate can be designed into several pieces of mutual symmetry, so that it can be convenient to replace the wear block, extend the service life of the jaw plate.

  Jaw board selection:

  Can use ZGMn13 on select material as the main material, the manganese steel toughness strong despite the reduced its hardness, but its itself has the characteristics of cold hardening, when its work under the jaw crusher broken board of extrusion in the work process by continuous extrusion hardening, so as to realize the wear while hardening to wear beyond the limit to be scrapped.

  In addition, the selection of materials to take into account the cost of other factors.

  Assembly note

  The assembly of jaw plate has great influence on its service life.

  When assembling the jaw plate, the jaw plate needs to be firmly fixed on the moving jaw and fixed jaw, and copper sheet, lead and zinc are used to keep the moving and fixed jaw plate at the same parallel degree.

  In order to avoid the relative sliding between the jaw plate and the moving and fixed jaw during the jaw breaking operation, the wear or break of the jaw plate will reduce the service life of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher.

  Appropriate improvement in use

  In the process of jaw breaking, the materials are in direct contact with the jaw plate, which bears huge crushing pressure, especially for some materials with high hardness.

  The strong force will cause the installation bolt of the jaw plate to vibrate and become loose, which will aggravate the wear of the jaw plate, and even fall off or break off.

  In this case, it is impossible to tighten the fastening bolts of the jaw plate before the jaw crusher starts up. It is necessary to analyze the causes of its loosening and falling off during the working process of the jaw crusher and adopt feasible methods to solve the problems.

  For example, a spring can be added to the fixed bolt to improve the anti-loosening and vibration reduction ability of the jaw plate fixed bolt, extend the service life of the jaw plate, and improve the production efficiency and economic benefits of the jaw crusher.

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