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Process introduction of cement production line

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  We provide the whole service of design manufacture and installation, EPC project or parts equipment. We design and manufacture devices for new type dry method cement production line, which capacity from 300tpd to 50000tpd clinker. And we can also assist the client in transacting purchaser’s credit or Chinese government’s credit while exporting.Process of cement production line

  1. Raw materials

  The main raw materials used in the cement manufacturing processes are limestone, sand, shale, clay, and iron ore. The main material, limestone, is usually mined on site while the other minor materials may be mined either on site or in nearby quarries. Another source of raw materials is industrial by-products. The use of by-product material to replace natural raw materials is a key element in achieving sustainable development.

  2. Raw material preparation

  Mining of limestone requires the use of drilling and blasting techniques. The blasting techniques use the latest technology to insure vibration, dust and noise emissions are kept at a minimum. Blasting produces materials in a wide range of sizes from approximately 1.5 meters in diameter to small particles less tahna few millimeters in diameter.

  Material is loaded at the blasting face into trucks for transportation to the crushing plant. Through a series of crushers and screens, the limestone is reduced to a size less than 100mm and stored until required. Depending on size, the minor materials may or may not be crushed before being stored in separate areas until required.

  3. Crushing and Pre-homogenization

  During producing concrete, most to the raw materials must be first crushed before being used to make concrete. Among these raw materials which include limestone, clay, iron ore and coal etc, the lime stone is of the greatest usage to make concrete. With larger particles and higher hardness, crushing the lime stone to required fineness after mining is of relatively important consequence among crushing all those raw materials. There are many crushers used in crushing these raw materials, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and vertical shaft impact crusher. According to the raw material’s different particles and hardness, there are several suitable crushers which can be used in the crushing.

  4. Raw material homogenization

  In the process of new dry concrete production, the stability of pit entry clinker raw material component is the premise of the whole system. Raw material homogenization system plays very important role in the stability of pit entry clinker raw material component.


  Grinding is the last process of cement product and also is the most current consuming working procedure. Cement clinker get grinded into the right size. The smaller the particle size is, the better the final cement is. It’s important to choose suitable grinding machine.

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