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Introduction to the performance of Vertical Grinding Mill

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  Vertical mill is one advanced mill, adopting top technology domestic and abroad, and based on many years’ mill experience. It can crush, dry, grind, and classify the materials. Vertical milling machine can be widely used in such industries as cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral. It is used to grind granular and powdered materials into powder with required fineness.

  Main features:

  1. Low investment cost

  This mill itself can crush, dry, grinding, classifying, so the system is simple, and occupation area is about 50% of ball mill system. In addition, it can be installed outside, so it will reduce a large number of investment costs.

  2. Lowe operation cost

  High efficiency: roller compacted materials directly onto the grinding disc, so power consumption is low. Compared with ball mill, it saves energy consumption by 30-40%.

  Less wear and tear: As the roller is not in direct contact with the disc, and material of the roller and liner is high quality, so life time is long.

  3. High drying ability:

       as the hot air inside contacts directly with the material, drying ability is higher, and it saves energy. By regulating the air temperature, it can meet requirements with different humidity.

  4. Simple and reliable operation:

  It is equipped with automatic control systems, so remote control makes it easy to operate.

  It is equipped with one device, which prevents the roller from contacting with the liner directly, and avoids the destructive impact and severe vibration.

  5. The stability of product quality

  As the material stays in the mill for short time, it tis easy to detect and control the product particle and chemical composition, to reduce duplication of milling, stable product quality.

  6. Maintenance convenience

  By repairing fuel tank, rotating the arm, it is fast to replace the roller sleeve, and liner, and reduce the downtime loss.

  7. Environmental protection

  Motor runs under the condition that reducer drives the grinding device. The materials fall into center of device through powder feed lock device, and hot air comes into mill through air inlet. Under the function of centrifugal force, the materials move to the edge of grinding device as it runs and rollers will grind the materials when they come by the annular chute. The grinded materials will be taken up by air circulation and the bigger powders will fall for regrinding. Qualified powders will be collected by collecting device as to be finals. Materials containing water will be dried when they contact with the hot air. Different humidity materials can be dried to the requirement through adjusting the temperature of hot air. Adjusting the separator can get the required fineness powders.

  Main structure:

  Vertical grinder mainly includes separator, roller device, grinding device, compression device, reducer, motor, frame and so on. Separator is a kind of separating device with characteristic of high efficiency and energy saving. Roller is the part to grind the materials. Grinding disc on which materials are grinded is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer. Compression device is the part to provide enough pressure for the rollers to grind the materials.

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