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How to repair the bearing wear of the pebble jaw crusher?

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       Cobblestone is a kind of hard material, jaw crusher is broken on the cobblestone, the loss of equipment accessories is very serious, the common problem is mainly bearing damage and wear.

  In case of bearing damage, a new bearing may be replaced.

  For bearing wear, it is necessary to take welding, casting and other methods to repair.

  When the cobblestone crusher bearing problems how to repair it?Here are some common fixes:

  Jaw shaft damaged

  Damage of movable jaw shaft is a common problem in pebble jaw crusher.

  Under the condition of mechanical strength, the worn dynamic jaw journal is machined and nested to restore the original fit size.

  The sleeve thickness is 4-6 mm;

  Or in some cases, the direct use of vibration welding, metal plating method for repair, with the original size.

  Using appropriate technical measures, the worn shaft neck is repaired by electric welding, turning, and the original matching size is restored.

  Eccentric shaft failure

  When the eccentric shaft of the cobblestone jaw crusher is worn, lathe turning and scraping can be adopted for repair, and the rear shaft neck is slightly smaller than the original matching size. At this time, a new matching sliding bearing should be replaced.

  In special cases, under the premise of sufficient strength, the original journal can be adopted for nesting after turning, and the original matching size can be restored with the sleeve thickness of 5-6 mm.

  Or the use of vibration welding, metal spray repair, restore the original size with.

  Sliding bearing failure

  Repair of sliding bearings is largely determined by changes in clearance and geometric limits.

  If there is no serious wear and tear on the bearing, it can be adjusted by removing the pad, and the change of the top clearance can extend the operation time of the machine.

  But if the wear and tear is severe, it must be repaired immediately.

  The repair method of sliding bearing generally has simple repair and turning processing according to local defects, this kind of processing is generally more reliable, to some serious damage to the place to all the re-casting or layered gas welding.

  The above is the cobblestone jaw crusher commonly used several bearing repair methods, in the actual process of operation, different equipment conditions may be used in the repair process may be different, the specific problems also need to consult the relevant maintenance technical personnel, targeted to develop a maintenance program.

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