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Installation steps, notices and difficulties of ball mill

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  The installation of the ball mill is the link that the ball mill must go through before it goes into production. The quality of the installation will affect the subsequent use of the ball mill, and even affect the production, crushing rate, service life, etc., so the importance of the installation of the ball mill is self-evident.

  This article shares the ball mill installation steps, 10 installation notes, installation difficulties and the corresponding installation skills.

  Installation steps of ball mill

  Ball mill installation shall be conducted in accordance with the following steps: in the preparation, basic review, shim statistics to prepare to install the inlet and discharge end bearing seat, bearing horizontal centerline alignment correction - lifting mill barrel - lifting small tooth, adjust the pinion according to the installation Angle of 26 ° installation location to hoisting reducer efficacy coupling, motor efficacy and reducer coupling to lining board installation, preliminary trial and efficacy mill.

  Specific installation steps are as follows:

  1. Install the bearing seat

  2. Install the rotary part of the ball mill

  3. Install pinions

  4. Install reducer

  5. Install the motor

  6. Electrical and equipment debugging

  7. Test run (no-load test run and load test run)

  Notes for ball mill installation

  Above for you to introduce the ball mill installation steps in detail, then in the installation process what are the considerations?

  1. Installation technical requirements in addition to the installation and operation instructions and relevant installation drawings, the relevant technical requirements in the installation and construction specifications for mechanical equipment shall also be referred to.

  2, in the installation process should pay attention to the safety of personal equipment, especially in the installation of lining plate, prevent the cylinder body heavy weight and rotation.

  3, all match surface, friction table and so on should be carefully cleaned before installation, match surface to inject thin oil, dry oil on the friction surface.

  4. The span, height and width and height of the factory should match the working specifications of the equipment.

  5, the axis of the ball mill host should show level, at the top of the hollow shaft at the ends of the large flange measurement, the height should be consistent, there are errors when allowed to feed end is higher than the discharging end 1 mm. At both ends of hollow shaft bearing gland place look, hollow shaft and bearing gland around the gap should be almost the same, and the internal and external gland should be gap are basically identical.

  6, bearing: before installing the ball mill bearing, should pay attention to clean the dust and carefully clean the bearing friction surface and oil storage tank with kerosene.

  In the process of installation, should pay attention to handle gently, especially bearing lining should be gently placed on the bearing seat, to avoid damage due to impact.

  7. Installation of transmission part of ball mill:

  Install and adjust the transmission part according to the main engine gear.

  The tooth width of pinion is uniform than that of tooth surface of big gear.

  Make the tooth surface of the pinion gear parallel to the tooth surface of the big gear. Leave 0.25mm of tooth side clearance at the minimum.

  According to the contact marks of large and small gears, the contact marks should account for more than 60% of the total length, and the height of the contact marks should account for about 40% of the total height.

  If the contact marks are inclined to one end of the width of the tooth surface, it indicates that the tooth surface is not parallel.

  If the transmission of the big gear has a week of the squeeze, that the gear clearance is too small, should make the small gear from the big gear a little.

  8, pinion gear: installation, should pay attention to the gear housing lower connection flange and foundation between temporary support, this can prevent the interference between the gear housing and gear shaft.

  And the pinion gears on both sides should be installed in the same way.

  When installing pinion gear, it is necessary to ensure that the center line of the big and small gear is horizontal and the included Angle is 25°-26°.

  9. When the mill is connected with power after installation, it shall strictly follow the control requirements and operating procedures and shall not start the mill at will.

  10, empty load and load test to ensure continuity.

  Installation difficulty and skill of ball mill

  Difficulty 1. The ball mill barrel should be mounted horizontally on the support

  Due to the long length and heavy weight of the barrel of a large ball mill, the installation cannot be completed manually. Therefore, it is necessary to use external tools for hoisting. During the hoisting process, deviation may be caused, so that the barrel of the ball mill is not placed horizontally.


  1. Measure the distance between the height of the big gear ring on both ends of the cylinder and the ground. When the distance between the two ends is equal, it indicates that the cylinder of the large ball mill is parallel to the ground and in a horizontal state.

  2. The line of sight is parallel to the bearing gland. The bearing gland at both ends should be as far away from the inner diameter surface of the hollow shaft.

  Difficulty 2. Installation difficulty of motor and drive

  The difficulty in the installation of motor and transmission lies in how to ensure the meshing degree between each gear and whether the chimerism between the gear and the respective gear shaft is tight.

  Difficulty overcome:

  Whether chimeric fastening between gear and gear shaft need to experiment with your hands, but between the gear and gear meshing is not so good is detected. In fact, we can be tested according to the following method: from the size of the gear meshing trace observation, backlash should have 0.25 mm gap, the two should be accounted for more than 60% of the total length of tooth contact trace, the height of the contact trace account for about 40% of the overall height.

  If the contact mark is not in the middle of the opposing tooth surface, it is not in place and needs to be adjusted.

  Difficulty 3. Installation of reducer

  The installation difficulty of reducer is how to level and correct.


  1. Check the center line on the basis and require the reducer, slow drive drive shaft and diaphragm coupling, main motor and ball mill to be on the same center line.

  2. Complete the installation of the mill before the installation of the main reducer.

  Check mill level and connection flange installation quality.

  Pay attention to the placement of adjustment pad: the elevation of the temporary adjustment block conforms to the design size, and the standard adjustment block is less than 1mm of the temporary adjustment block.

  The adjusting block is placed on the cement sand pier pad iron, which is a set of adjustable inclined pad iron.

  The temporary adjustment block is used for the general adjustment after the reducer is in position, and then the alignment is carried out with the formal adjustment block.

  Adjust the concentricity and verticality of reducer and mill and the level of lower box.

  The elevation of reducer shall be 1mm lower than the actual elevation, so as to facilitate future adjustment.

  Difficulty 4. Installation of lining board of large ball mill

  The installation difficulty of lining plate is how to make lining plate flat and fit without warping, and seal tightly.


  1, the mill barrel body to ensure that there is no dirt, lining board and tube body wall contact surface and lining board and the adjacent surface between lining board to ensure that the level and clean.

  2, install the lining plate before the lining plate cover to the wall of the cylinder body first lay a layer of wet cement mortar, and then immediately cover the lining plate on the cement mortar and tighten the bolts, the bolts must remember to put the seal pad well, otherwise the bolt is not tight, the lining plate is prone to warping.

  3. After all linings and bolts are installed, fill the gaps with cement mortar and seal tightly.

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