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Operation precautions of jaw crusher

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In addition to the proper installation, the correct operation is also one of the important factors to ensure the continuous and normal operation of jaw crusher.
Improper operation or negligence in the process of operation is often the main cause of equipment and personal accidents.

1. Preparation before starting: the equipment must be thoroughly inspected before starting.

Check the wear condition of broken tooth plate;
Adjust the size of drainage port;
Check whether there is ore in the crushing cavity, if there is a large ore, it must be taken out;
Check connection bolts for loosening, belt pulley and flywheel protective cover for integrity, proper tightness of triangular belt and tie rod spring, oil tank (or dry oil storage tank) oil filling degree and lubrication system integrity, electrical equipment and signal system are normal, etc.

2, before starting jaw crusher, should first start the oil pump motor and cooling system, after 3-4min, until the oil pressure and flow indicators are normal, then start the motor.

After starting, if the jaw crusher gives out abnormal sound, should stop running, identify and eliminate the disease after starting the machine again.
Jaw crusher must be started without load, after starting a period of time, normal operation can start the mine feeding equipment.

3, in operation must pay attention to uniform feeding ore, avoid side feeding or full feeding, so as to avoid unilateral overload or overload.

Ore must not be packed into the crushing chamber and the maximum size of the block should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the opening.
At the same time, strictly prevent non - crushing into the jaw crusher.
In the process of operation, also often pay attention to the block of ore stuck to the mine mouth, if it has been stuck, to use iron hook to turn the ore;
If the bulk ore needs to be taken out from the broken cavity, special appliances should be used. It is strictly forbidden to do these work by hand to avoid accidents.

4, in the operation of the machine, if the mine too much or broken cavity blockage, should stop to give the mine, until the ore in the broken cavity broken after the start.

In operation, should also regularly circuit inspection, observe the working conditions of each component and bearing temperature, for large jaw crusher sliding bearing temperature is usually not more than 60℃, in order to prevent the melting of alloy bearing tiles and tile burning accident.
When the bearing temperature is found to be very high, effective measures should be taken in time to reduce the bearing temperature (such as forced ventilation or water cooling, etc.).

5. During operation, please pay attention to the timely lubrication of the equipment. Add the lubricating grease in the bearing block to about 50% of its space volume, and replace it every 3-6 months.

Clean the raceway of ball bearings with gasoline or kerosene when changing oil.
Proper amount of grease shall be injected between bracket and bracket seat.
When the oil pump suddenly fails, the crusher needs 15-20min to stop because of its large swing power. At this time, it needs to use the hand pressure oil pump to feed oil, so as to keep the bearing lubricated without burning the bearing accident.

6. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is not allowed to operate the jaw crusher independently by personnel who are not familiar with the operating procedures. The machine operators must also be educated in safety technology before operation.

7. Stop the car in accordance with the sequence of production process.

First stop the mine, until the crushing chamber of all the ore discharged, and then stop the jaw crusher and belt machine.
When the crusher stops, the lubrication and cooling system can be stopped. In winter, the circulating cooling water in the bearing should be released to avoid freezing cracking of the bearing.
After stopping the machine, clean up and check all parts of the machine.

8. If the jaw crusher stops suddenly due to some reason, when the accident is finished and ready to start, the backlog of ore in the crushing cavity must be cleared and the operation is allowed.

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