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Solve the block of discharge port of jaw crusher

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  The jaw crusher is a primary crushing equipment in crushing production. Although the blockage of the discharge port is a minor fault, if neglected, it will affect the performance of the crusher and the efficiency of the whole production line.

  So what are the main reasons that cause the blockage of jaw broken discharge opening?

  How to avoid blocking when maintaining at ordinary times?

  Cause of blockage of jaw broken discharge port

  1. Slow falling speed of materials

  Jaw crusher operation, through the moving jaw with the hubei circuit between the movement of materials are broken, when moving jaw away from fixed hubei is the process of discharge, once the process material falling speed is slow, a lot of material blockage in the crushing cavity, it will cause the jaw crusher discharging mouth blockage phenomenon.

  2, the triangle belt appears loose fracture

  The main transmission mode of jaw crusher is to drive the flywheel through the triangle belt for high-speed inertia rotation, and to drive the belt wheel needs to have two conditions: first, sufficient motor power;

  Second: the v-belt is strong enough.

  Generally prone to failure is the triangle belt, the triangle belt loose fracture will appear a large number of materials in the broken cavity can not be crushed, and then blocked in the broken cavity, can not be discharged, the formation of blocking material.

  3, jaw broken eccentric shaft fastening bushing appeared loose

  Another likely to cause a jaw crusher is the cause of discharging mouth blockage of jaw broken loose fastening of eccentric shaft bushing appeared, when the eccentric shaft bushing to loosen will cause eccentric shaft is jammed, eccentric shaft can not rotate, the moving jaw work can't continue to roll, the discharging mouth is blocked, to result in the material can't come down.

  4. The voltage is too low

  The motor of jaw crusher needs a certain voltage to work normally. If the voltage is too low when the jaw is broken, there will not be enough power to drive the crushing material of the equipment. In this case, there will be a large number of stone blocks in the crushing cavity, resulting in blocking the material to stop.

  5. The main bearing fails

  The main bearing of the jaw crusher is the main power component of the rotating crushing material of the equipment. Failure of the main bearing will seriously affect the production performance of the jaw crusher and block the discharge port of the jaw crusher.

  Second, the way to prevent the crusher discharge port from blocking

  1. Ensure that the hardness of materials is within the bearing range of the equipment;

  2. Prevent non-comminable objects from entering the broken cavity;

  3. Select materials with large particle size in advance, and only materials with feed particle size can enter;

  4. Increase the discharge port without affecting the fineness;

  5. Do not parallel the jaw Angle of the discharge port;

  6. Control the moisture content of materials to avoid bonding on the jaw plate;

  7, often clean up the broken cavity debris, add lubricating oil to enhance the lubrication of the parts.

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