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Analysis of jaw crusher unevenness

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Jaw crusher is widely used in mining crushing work due to its advantages of high production capacity, smooth operation and good crushing performance. However, there will also be uneven particle size in actual production activities. What are the factors of uneven material output of jaw crusher?

Material size is too large, too hard.

When there is too large particle size or hard material in the crushing cavity, it will lead to incomplete crushing of the material particle size in the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher, resulting in uneven discharge.

Too much water in the material.

When the material containing too much water enters the crushing cavity of the jaw crusher, it will stick together and cause the material blockage in the crushing cavity, which reduces the crushing ability of the equipment to the material, thus causing the phenomenon of uneven discharge.

Feed too much material.

When too many materials are put into the crushing cavity, exceeding the maximum feeding requirements, it is easy for the material to be blocked in the crushing cavity, occupying part of the space in the crushing cavity, reducing the crushing space of the material, and the particle size of the broken material may appear uneven.

Improper size of discharge port.

When the jaw crusher discharge port size is not at that time, it is easy to cause the material has been broken too late to discharge, cause the material blockage, affect the material crushing situation, aggravate the material blockage, cause the material broken uneven.

The voltage is too low.

When the working voltage of crushing site is too low, it cannot provide the production condition for the normal crushing of jaw crusher, and the insufficient crushing power causes the uneven particle size of products after crushing.

Due to the long running time of crushing, the vulnerable parts, such as bearing and jaw, suffer from serious wear and tear, which is also the main reason for uneven discharge. At this time, relevant parts need to be replaced.

Jaw crusher is a machine commonly used in mining equipment, often used in the coarse breaking operation of the production line, its product quality determines the production quality of the whole production line, so it is very important to master the correct operation standard of jaw breaking equipment and regular maintenance.

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