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New Economic Highlights of the Cement Enterprises in the Agg

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A cement enterprise encounters a new dilemma

In 2010, in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have entered a period of steady recovery by timely adjusting the structure, stimulating domestic demand, and expanding infrastructure construction. The increase of state investment in people's livelihood projects and infrastructure construction has brought huge development space to the building materials industry, and cement enterprises in the forefront of the building materials industry have also started construction because of considerable economic profits. In 2011, there are still a number of dry cement production lines to be put into production. But an invisible fact, that is, the concrete sand and stone slurry needed in the construction of large projects, is the invisible fact that there is an invisible fact that concrete sand and stone slurry is needed in the construction of large projects. Among the materials and cement products, the ratio of cement to sand and stone is 1: 8, but there is little cognitive vision of the leaders of cement enterprises. Therefore, with the further increase of national investment in infrastructure construction and the acceleration of urbanization, the demand for aggregate and artificial sand and stone in the whole country is increasing rapidly. In concrete mortar and cement products, only 1/8 of the cement accounts for only 1/8 of the cement, which is also due to the bottleneck of insufficient output of artificial sand and stone. At the beginning of 2010, the market price of cement soared to more than 600 yuan per ton, but by the end of last year, the price of cement had fallen to more than 400 yuan per ton. In the cold off-season of buildings, there are a lot of Even if cement manufacturers sell on credit, it is difficult to get out of the predicament brought to enterprises by increasing the cost of cement products. The downturn and helplessness brought by excess cement products to cement enterprises has become an indisputable fact.
In view of this situation, through a large number of market investigations, and through a comprehensive investigation and demonstration of the advantages and innovative potential of cement enterprises, it is considered that cement enterprises can adapt to the market demand in time, open sand and stone aggregate production lines, and further integrate the concrete industrial chain, which is a bright spot for enterprises to get rid of the current predicament and realize sustained economic growth.

Second, the present situation and development prospect of sand and stone processing industry.

Through repeated investigation and demonstration and market analysis, the reporter believes that the present situation and the production capacity of the national aggregate mechanism sand and stone processing industry can not meet the current situation of the sand and gravel demand in the current market during the short period, and the current sand and stone industry has the following problems.1. The size is small, the production capacity is low, the energy consumption is high and the efficiency is low;2, the equipment technology is relatively backward (mostly the rough-type rough processing equipment produced by the small factory), the failure frequency is high;3, the product quality is low, the price is fierce, the profit margin is small; and 4, the dust in the production plant area is out of standard and the environmental protection is not up to the standard; and 5, The rate of individualization is high, the phenomenon of random sampling and excavation is serious, so that the funds are scarce. The reason lags behind relatively. 6, due to the increase of local government's efforts to control the environment and the hard implementation of the task index of energy saving and emission reduction, this kind of small sand and stone deposits of individual nature will be strictly controlled, and their development prospects are not optimistic, and some of them are still difficult to sustain. On the basis of this investigation, the reporter also made a detailed investigation and effective prediction on the development and future trend of sand aggregate industry in neighboring countries and regions. Due to the fact that some neighboring countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on, are facing the bottleneck of resource shortage, in addition, these countries and regions have strict requirements for environmental protection and mining safety. Industry, there is no room for development, production is relatively small, coupled with the expansion of production costs, high quality and good material sand and stone products, is a shortage trend. From the perspective of product demand, with the promotion of high-speed rail project construction at home and abroad, the acceleration of highway construction and the increase of domestic urbanization, sand aggregate products will show broad demand business opportunities. It can be indisputably that the demand for sand aggregate products is still a strong buyer's market for a considerable period of time. Has the huge development prospect and the commercial profit space, the prospect is very considerable.

Natural advantages of developing Sand and Stone aggregate production in cement Enterprises

For such objective prospects and development space, the reporter quickly devoted himself to all large and medium-sized cement enterprises to visit and investigate. Through a series of field visits, the reporter believes that the development of aggregate sand and stone production in cement enterprises not only has natural unique advantages, but also has broad development prospects and considerable economic benefits. The reasons are as follows: (1) the existing large and medium-sized cement enterprises (or joint ventures or state-owned or private) have strong capital operation capacity and sufficient financial support. Compared with the individual and small aggregate mechanism sand and stone processing industry, they have obvious capital support and strong competitiveness to participate in the production of sand and stone. There is a great deal of room for large-scale production. Because of its strong financial support, it can launch the sand and stone production line with large production capacity. For example, the 12000t/d sand and stone production line project of Henan Tianrui cement Co., Ltd., which has been put into production recently, is dozens of times the daily output of the same kind of small owners. Since its commissioning, the supply and demand of the products have been prosperous, and the economic benefits have become outstanding. 3, the existing cement enterprises have enough skilled workers and managers, who have mastered more mature practical skills and more perfect management experience, in addition to the timely follow-up by professional and scientific and technological personnel. It can effectively ensure the good operation of the production line and avoid the lag of technical management to the maximum extent. Faults in the production link lead to inefficient operation. 4. Safety and environmental protection upgrade is guaranteed. Because existing large and medium-sized cement enterprises, before and after putting into production, have advanced investment and effective treatment in terms of safety production and environmental protection, and in the process of cement production, various guarantee factors have been perfected and relatively perfect safety production facilities and equipment have been set up. Therefore, the sand and stone production line project, this factor has been compatible, and the safety and environmental protection has been prepared without suffering. 5. The mine resources are fully guaranteed. As large and medium-sized cement production enterprises, the guarantee coefficient of ore resources has been given priority to the site selection. All of them are selected and built in mountainous areas and resource-rich geological belts. Therefore, in the upper sand and stone production line project, it can be said that the comprehensive utilization of waste stone and the transformation of waste into treasure. In the face of inexhaustible mine resources, sand and stone production line can relax and enjoy full capacity production, which is a unique advantage of cement enterprises to go up to the project quickly. 6, With relatively stable industrial chain (sand + cement + concrete + cement products), we can achieve win-win benefits. Because cement enterprises and construction, engineering, infrastructure, road traffic, municipal engineering and other departments have a relatively stable relationship between supply and demand, and these units Cement mortar aggregate concrete and other components need to be supplied by other production enterprises. If cement enterprises have aggregate sand and stone products, they can use their own cement products to directly synthesize concrete products and other cement products, create an omni-directional supply and demand channel for all kinds of customers with different needs, and form a one-stop service system, which is also for product quality, time assurance and follow-up service. A fast unified platform has been constructed to reduce the cost of many links, such as finding another way, long supply, split settlement and so on, which can undoubtedly produce ideal win-win benefits. 7, due to the addition of large-scale sand and stone production line projects in cement enterprises, During the planning of the project construction, it is no doubt necessary to absorb the advanced technology and innovation achievements of the same industry at home and abroad. In addition, the standardized management in the production line process, the high-precision data detection, the sand and stone products will be more standardized, and the inner quality will be guaranteed. In the production and use, the new scientific elements and new ore quality shall be continuously incorporated, laying a solid foundation for the innovation industry standards and product upgrading. 8. Construct sand and stone production project. Compared with the new dry cement production line, the investment is much less and the effect is much faster. For example, a dry process cement production line with an annual output of 1 million tons, from design, project establishment, construction to production, an investment of RMB 300 million is required. The last 5000 tons of sand and stone production line, only need to invest 15 million yuan. Moreover, from the establishment of the project, construction to production, only 100 days of construction period can obtain profits to produce benefits.

Throughout the above analysis: cement enterprises seize the opportunity to quickly go to the sand aggregate production line, not only occupy the right time, unique geographical location, gather people, but also have considerable prospects, which is a new economic bright spot in the long-term development of the cement industry in the future.

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