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How much ball quantity should be controlled in the ball mill

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The amount of ball installed in the ball mill refers to the number of steel balls in the cylinder when the ball mill grinds. In order to ensure the grinding efficiency of ball mill, the type selection test should be carried out according to the actual situation of concentrator, and the number of ball loading in accordance with the situation should be calculated.

Ball mill steel ball

Ball mill steel ball is the consumables of concentrator (the solution of high wear of ball mill). It is necessary to supplement the steel ball or replace the steel ball every time in order to ensure the grinding quality and grinding rate of the ball mill. So how to control the amount of ball loading of the ball mill when it is replenished or replaced by a ball and a subsequent steel ball.

1. The significance of ball loading in ball mill.

The ball mill is one of the necessary equipment for the mineral processing of the ore dressing plant, and the investment of the ball mill is relatively large in the whole plant, so its working efficiency is good or bad, and the whole production line can be directly affected. So what is the main reliance of the ball mill? That is, the quality of the steel ball, the steel ball, the number of the ball-loading and the size of the ball-loading ball can affect the normal play of the ball mill.

Ball mill grinding site.

in the actual production process, if the ball mill has too many balls, the steel balls are easily overlapped with each other, the grinding effect is lost, and a part of the steel balls can not be lifted at all, so that the grinding capacity is reduced, and meanwhile, the power consumption of the ball mill is increased; If the ball mill is too small, the steel ball has insufficient capacity to grind the material, and the working time of the ball mill can be prolonged, so that the problem of low grinding efficiency is not only consumed, but also the grinding efficiency is low; therefore, the rationality of the ball mill loading ball is very important.

2. The amount of steel ball in ball mill is reasonable.

In general, the loading volume of the ball in the ball mill is lower than the horizontal line in the cylinder, and it is better to control the ball quantity at about 40 ≤ 50%. At this time, the productivity of the ball quantity is higher, and the ball loading quantity can be controlled at about 35% for the smaller ball mill, which can effectively ensure that the steel ball in the ball mill can fall freely, make the steel ball have a greater impact force, and complete the grinding of the material.

Ball loading ratio of ball mill


3. Testing method of steel ball quantity in ball mill

There is a special formula to calculate the ball loading quantity of the ball mill. The filling rate (Φ) of the ball mill is expressed as the filling rate (Φ). Φ represents the ratio of the volume (V ball) of the ball mill steel ball (including pores) to the effective volume of the grinder (V machine).

Φ = V ball / V machine × 100%

When the specification and rotating speed of the ball mill are fixed, the filling rate of the ball mill is in the range of less than 50%, and its production capacity will increase with the increase of the filling rate. Therefore, the first loading ratio of ball mill should be calculated according to this formula.

When the ball mill is to fill the ball or the world after a period of time, the following two points can be used to determine whether the amount of ball loading is reasonable.

1. Under the condition that the overflow fineness of the classifier and the ore feeding amount of the ball mill are unchanged, the amount of return sand is reduced, the grinding effect is improved, the ball-filling amount is suitable, and the ball quantity can be appropriately increased at this time so as to increase the grinding efficiency.

2. According to the results of the return sand of the classifier, if the particle size of the material close to the overflow is found to be increased, it is indicated that the proportion of the ball of the ball mill is insufficient, and the amount of the ball needs to be increased; on the contrary, if the coarse grain in the return sand is increased, it is indicated that the large ball distribution is small, and at this time, the amount of the large ball can be increased in a proper amount.

Ball mill steel ball

The method for controlling the ball grinding amount of the ball mill and the control range of the ball mill loading amount are simply described above, which is only the prescribed standard given in the conventional case, but the ball bearing capacity of the ball mill needs to be determined according to the design situation, The specific steel ball distribution ratio also needs to be determined by the ore dressing test, and a reasonable scheme is given.

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