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Understand the working principle of ball mill

Often have the cement factory friend that comes from countrywide each place comes to seek help, ball mill exits leaking or leaking slurry, make spot equipment health condition is not beautiful.I think many cement plants will encounter this situation.To solve this problem, you must first understand how the ball mill works, today we mainly introduce the working principle of the ball mill, let you have a deeper understanding of the ball mill.

The output of ball mill system has an important influence on the desulfurization ability and efficiency of wet desulfurization system.Generally speaking, the limestone feed size is the output of the ball mill slurry preparation system.When the ball mill is in operation, the material and the steel ball rise along the inner wall of the cylinder as the ball mill rotates.When it reaches height, it naturally descends.Limestone is continuously ground into qualified limestone powder by ball mill.At the entrance to the ball mill, there is grinding water and lime flushing water, and the bottom flow of the rotation, will fine the drums of the limestone particle grinding machine to the grout recycling box, and limestone fragments.Small particles of ungrated lime fall into the glove compartment at the rear through a rotating filter at the rear.The slurry recycling pump will feed the limestone slurry in the slurry tank to the limestone slurry swirl station, and the qualified slurry will be sent to the limestone slurry tank for use by the absorption tower, while the unqualified slurry will continue to grind into the limestone slurry tank.

Limestone wet ball mill is mainly composed of feeding part, discharging part, rotary cylinder and driving device.The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, and the inner tube is made of replaceable bushing, which has good wear resistance.Stable and reliable operation.

Working principle of ball mill

Working principle of ball mill

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