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Vertical mill wear treatment measures

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1. Selection of the material and the selection of the grinding roller and the grinding disc

Grinding roller, grinding disk is a component that is in direct contact with the material. If the material is very easy to wear, such as silica, shale and so on, it will cause serious wear of the grinding roll and the liner of the grinding disk, and cause uneven grooves, cracks and broken edges.

The selection of easy-to-grind raw materials can objectively prevent the excessive wear of roller and disc, then choose a pair of good quality grinding roller, the grinding disk can extend the service life subjectively, in order to reduce the production cost.

2. Whether the balance between the grinding rollers is consistent with the height of the limit

The balance between the grinding rollers means that the four rollers are statically lowered on the grinding disk, and whether the center line of the four rollers is above the same horizontal line is directly related to the installation smoothness of the grinding disk, as well as to the machining accuracy of the grinding disk. If unbalanced, the grinding disk and roller will wear out quickly under the condition of grinding pressure.

The limit height is used to control the thickness of the material layer accurately. When the limit height of our school is not consistent, the thickness of the material layer on the grinding disk is also inconsistent, which will cause certain vibration in the process of mill operation, and the aggravation of vibration is one of the main factors causing wear. The height of limit is not consistent, the roller nearest to the grinding disk is the largest in the process of pressure grinding, so the wear is the fastest.

3, whether the grinding tension pressure is too large and the material layer is too thin

In operation, we should be used to increasing production pressure, reducing production and decompression. Especially in the process of reducing production, it is generally difficult for many operators to reduce the surplus tension pressure in order to control the stability and save the operation. Or in the process of normal production control, the tension pressure of the mill is always a little surplus. In fact, this approach can achieve the purpose of saving trouble to a certain extent, but after a period of time you will find that the material layer on the grinding disk is constantly thinning, followed by the increasing vibration of the mill, because the grinding pressure is greater than the amount of feed. The material layer is thin, the vibration is large, the tension pressure is too high, these are undoubtedly caused by Grinding roller, grinding disk too fast wear important factors.

4. prevent metal foreign bodies from entering the mill

The most effective way to effectively prevent the metal foreign matter from entering the mill is to use every iron remover of the system. The general raw mill system is equipped with two iron separators:

a machine which is integrated into the mill after the raw material is mixed, and plays a role of removing the metal foreign matters in the raw material;

One should be above the belt conveyor after the discharge point of the external circulating lifting machine or above the discharge belt conveyor of the mill, so as to remove the metal from the mill, for example, the material scraping plate of the mill, the large bolt and the like.

The entry of large or super hard metal into the mill will cause the fierce vibration of the mill to cause the mill to jump and stop, damage the reducer, and it is more likely that the metal foreign body will be crushed by the grinding roll to cause the roller to fall off, which is more terrible for the grinding roll and the grinding disk than the excessive wear. Therefore, it is very important to protect the mill by using the iron remover to minimize the possibility of metal foreign body entering the mill.

In fact, the wear of roller and disc is objectively an invisible consumption, which can not be seen at all in the usual operation, so it is easy for everyone to forget the existence of this consumption. To prevent roller and disc wear too fast, it is necessary to pay attention to details in production, timely maintenance.

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