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Current disadvantages of pulverized coal preparation

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The cement manufacturing process is primarily two grinders, with many companies focusing on kilns and grinders (raw materials and cement mills) and ignoring coal mills.In the actual operation, the clinker production and quality are not good due to the poor management of the mill.The main reason is that the quality of pulverized coal directly affects the working condition and economic index of large kiln.

At present, the mature coal powder preparation technology in China is mainly gas sweeping ball mill and roller vertical mill.Current disadvantages of pulverized coal preparation:

1. Both the wind-swept ball mill and the roller vertical mill use the wind to lift the material into the powder separator for particle sorting and gas-solid separation, resulting in large power consumption;

2. Large installed capacity, low power and material grinding efficiency, large reducer in the middle part, large weight of grinding body (grinding disc), large power consumption;

3. The drying efficiency of ball mill is low, and the water content of coal powder prepared from raw coal with high internal water content is more than 2%;

4, vertical mill separator management requirements are high, slightly unreasonable, fine coal roughness;

System leakage (seal) is very high, leakage directly leads to increased power consumption.

At the same time, at present, the two sets of technology is still relatively high noise, but also need the necessary noise factory and other investment.

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