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Working principle and application range of rod mill

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Rod mill is a kind of mill whose grinding body is steel rod.Selective crushing of coarse grains and selective protection of fine grains, can be used as a first class open-circuit grinding, widely used in artificial sand, concentrator, chemical plant, electric power and other departments of the first class grinding, product particle size uniform.There are three kinds of general rod mill: overflow rod mill, end side discharge rod mill, center side discharge rod mill.

1. How it works

Rod mill is asynchronous motor through the gear reducer and small gear coupling, turns around the big gear reduction, directly driven rotary rotary, barrel inner is equipped with the appropriate grinding medium - steel rods, grinding medium under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, to manufacture materials by feeding department continuously into the barrel inside, are controlled by the movement of grinding medium crushing, and the product through the power of the overflow and continuous feeding discharge outside, for the next working procedures.

2. Application scope

(1) in the heavy or magnetic separation plants of tungsten and tin ore and other rare metal ores, in order to prevent the over-crushing of valuable minerals, the over-crushing light rod mill is often used in the coarse grinding stage.

(2) in some cases can replace the short head cone crusher for fine crushing.When dealing with soft or not too hard ore, especially the ore with more slime and high viscosity, with a short head cone crusher, not only large dust and easy to cause the crushing machine block, if the use of a rod mill instead of crushing, can be 20-30mm ore grinding to 6-10 mesh, not only to reduce the cost, but also to simplify the fine dust removal.In this case, if the use of short head cone and screen closed grinding, the investment is both large, the fine blocking is also serious.For hard ore, it must be determined by comparing the method of rod mill or short head cone machine with sieve.

(3) when the rod mill is used for coarse grinding, the product granularity is 3-1mm, and the production capacity of the rod mill is larger than that of the ball mill of the same specification. However, when the rod mill is used for fine grinding, the grinding granularity is less than 0.5mm, the production capacity of the rod mill is not as large as that of the ball mill of the same specification.

Because of its small handling capacity and narrow application range, the rod mill is far less in demand than the ball mill. However, in some special cases, non-rod mill cannot be substituted.

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