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Advantages and disadvantages of tube mill

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Tube mill, also known as ball mill, is a kind of medium moving crushing equipment, widely used in metal ore and non-metal ore concentrator, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and power sector and other basic industries in material crushing.In cement industry, the role of tube mill is not important, dry and wet production must use the corresponding specifications of tube mill to grind raw materials, coal and cement clinker.The advantages and disadvantages are described below.

The advantages of tube mill are:

1) strong adaptability to materials and large production capacity, which can meet the requirements of modern industrial production;

2) crushing is relatively large, up to more than 300 in general, and even up to more than 1000 in ultra-fine grinding, and it is easy to adjust the fineness of finished products and grain gradation;

3) can adapt to the operation under different technological conditions of cement production, such as dry grinding, wet grinding, drying and grinding at the same time, open-circuit grinding, closed-circuit grinding;

4) simple structure, strong, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and management, long-term operation;

5) good tightness, can be negative pressure operation, prevent dust from flying.

The disadvantages of tube mill are:

1) high energy consumption and low work efficiency

2) because of the low speed of the mill barrel, if ordinary motors are used to drive, expensive deceleration devices are generally required;

3) when the abrasive body impacts and grinds the materials, the parts such as itself and the lining board of the mill barrel are also grinded, so the consumption of metal materials is very large;

4) during operation, the pipe mill makes a great noise accompanied by strong vibration.

Although the tube mill inevitably has some shortcomings, but it is undeniable that the tube mill in the future for a long time will still be the main equipment of material crushing, its future development prospects mainly focus on how to improve the tube mill grinding efficiency and save energy technology.

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