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Analysis of formation of rotary kiln ring

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Rotary kiln knot is a common phenomenon in rotary kiln work. It is found that rotary kiln knot should be dealt with as soon as possible. When the knot is thick, it will be difficult to deal with.

The loop should have two conditions:


One is the amount of liquid phase with a certain viscosity;


Second, there is a certain temperature difference between flue gas, material and liner.The ring section is mixed with a lot of pulverized coal, and the color is black.

Rotary kiln forming is the result of physical, chemical and technological factors.As we all know, the inner layer of rotary kiln is full of reducing atmosphere, and the space of kiln gas is in oxidation state.Thus the kiln lining undergoes the continuous alternations of the two atmospheres.During the rotary kiln rotation, the layering time of kiln wall covers accounts for about a quarter of the rotation time, and the rest of the time comes into contact with the hot kiln gas (oxidation atmosphere).The main reasons for the formation of ring in reductive rotary kiln are the change of kiln gas atmosphere and the simultaneous reaction.

From the appearance, the formation of a ring like a hard rock objects, different formation conditions, the porosity is very different.At the micro level, the rings are layered, and each layer has a unique shape.Instead of a homogeneous structure, the ring is composed of many individual particles that bond to each other as a result of melting and the formation of molten material.

So what to do with the hard and stubborn knot?

(1) the raw materials should be screened, and the limestone should be thoroughly poured and permeated before entering the kiln. Effective screening of the raw materials will ensure the cleanliness of the kiln limestone and reduce the content of substances forming in liquid phase.

(2) the choice of fuel is also very important. Only by choosing high-quality pulverized coal (coal with high ash melting point, low ash content, high calorific value and high volatile content) can the production efficiency be greatly improved.Stable fuel can reduce the formation of loops.

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