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Classification of kaolin dryers

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Kaolin dryer has high processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost.With the characteristics of high temperature resistance, can use high temperature hot air to dry the material quickly;Strong expandability, the design considers the production margin, even if the output increases slightly, there is no need to replace the equipment;The equipment adopts the structure of adjustable tugboat, the tugboat and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption;The specially designed baffle wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust caused by the inclined work of the equipment.Strong anti - overload capacity, cylinder running smoothly, high reliability.

Kaolin dryer according to different ways of work, there are two different differences.

Direct heat transfer kaolin dryer drying medium is usually flue gas.In forward direct heat transfer drum dryer, feed on the same side of the combustion chamber and wet material, the movement direction of the heat flow and material is consistent, wet material from the feeding end to discharging end mobile, hot air from the feed end also under the action of fan and induced draft fan, the discharge flow out from the side, wet material heated air heating and drying in the process of the flow.

Reverse flow type direct heat transfer kaolin dryer, it is wet material from the feed end to the dryer, combustion chamber at the discharge end, material and drying medium (hot air) in the opposite direction movement, materials in the process of heat drying.

Downstream kaolin dryer drying because the wet material into the dryer and higher temperature drying medium contact, the initial drying driving force is greater, later with the increase of material temperature, drying medium temperature decreases.Therefore suitable for the ultimate moisture content (that is, the degree of drying) requirements are not high physical.Discharge of dry material temperature is lower, easy to transport.However, from the point of view of dust production, fine materials are easy to be taken away by airflow, and the amount of dust is large.In the process of drying, counter-flow drying, the drying force is uniform, suitable for drying materials with strict requirements.The dust carried by the dry medium is filtered through the wet material area.The specific method of drying depends on the final requirements of the dried material.

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