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Cone crusher problem set

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In a long time of use, cone crusher is prone to poor lubrication, at the same time, there are many parts are easy to be worn out, directly affecting the production efficiency of enterprises.Understanding the common faults and causes of main lubricating oil is helpful to improve the ability of preventing faults and ensure the smooth production of crushing.

1. What are the differences between standard, intermediate and short-head cone crushers?

The basic structure and working principle of these three crushers are exactly the same, but the shape of the crushing cavity is slightly different.The key difference lies in the crushing parallel belt, the short head parallel belt is longer, and the medium one is second.

The parallel belt is long, the feeding port and discharging port are small, and the fine product granularity can be obtained.Generally, the short head type with long parallel band is put in the middle after crushing.The standard type is shorter due to parallel bands.Therefore, the crushing products are coarser, higher output, generally put in after the coarse crushing, that is, after the jaw type or rotary crusher as the crushing.

cone crusher

2. How to adjust the outlet of cone crusher?

In the process of crushing, the moving cone liner and fixed cone liner wear away continuously, which makes the ore discharge port increase gradually.In order to ensure a certain product granularity, it is necessary to adjust the size of the discharge port with the wear condition.The adjustment of the discharge port is realized by means of the serrated thread lifting and lowering cone liner between the adjustment ring and the supporting housing.In order to lubricate the tooth thread, and to adjust and disassemble easily, the thread must have enough clearance.After adjustment, the size of the ore discharge port can be measured by means of wire tying shot and crushing cavity to the ore discharge port.After the processing of the new liner can be measured at a point, the raw or worn liner should be measured at 6 ~ 8 points.After the discharge port meets the size requirement, the locking cylinder will be used to adjust the locking ring, otherwise it is not allowed to start.

3. What should be paid attention to when replacing the lining board of the cone crusher?

When the thickness of moving cone and fixed cone liner wear reaches 65% ~ 80% or local wear sag deformation and fracture, it should be replaced.After installing the linings, check that their centers are correct.If the center is not right, collision will occur during the rotation, and the product granularity is not uniform, which may cause the internal friction parts to heat up and other faults.Before casting zinc alloy, the gaps should be tightly blocked with clay or asbestos to prevent the flow of zinc alloy.Pouring on the surface of the alloy contact, do not allow moisture, otherwise it will cause explosion.Therefore, preheat, dry or, to shorten the time (no preheat), apply a layer of machine oil to the contact surface and then pour with a special tool.After pouring, tighten the fastening bolt of lining plate.

4. How to solve the main lubrication failure of cone crushing machine?

Cone crusher because of long-term operation, prone to lubrication device, it often ablative conditions in the bearing shell, and may even lead to cracks and loose bearing shell.In daily production, the main lubricating oil system faults include: high oil temperature, low flow, reduced cleanliness, overlubrication, etc.

4.1 high temperature of main lubricating oil


(1) the cooling fan does not work

The cooling fan is controlled by the sensor in the system. If the sensor fails or the fan motor burns out, the cooling fan will not work. The sensor connector should be checked or replaced.

(2) poor cooling effect of cooling fan

Due to pipe blockage, dust accumulation caused by long time of heat sink, and high ambient temperature, the heat dissipation effect is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust accumulation of cooling fan, unclog the pipe, and increase the air guide hood to improve the air conduction efficiency.

(3) internal parts of the machine are burnt out

When iron and ore storage occur in the crusher, the internal parts of the crusher will be burned to death, which will generate a lot of heat to rapidly increase the temperature of the main lubricating oil. In this case, the crusher parts should be disassembled, checked and replaced.

(4) safety valve fails

The relief valve is a pressure-reducing valve with certain pressure set in the lubrication system to protect the lubrication system.If the safety valve fails or the set value drops, the lubricating oil will not pass through the cooler. Check whether the safety valve is normal or not.

4.2 low flow of main lubricating oil


(1) the filter element is blocked

Filter block will cause flow in the system to decline, the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter element is high, so it is necessary to check the cone crusher regularly.

(2) oil pump capacity decreases

Long time running will make the gear or mechanical seal wear in the oil pump, the pump oil capacity decreases, should be timely checked and replaced.

(3) the filter is blocked

There is a pipe joint with filter net at the suction inlet of the oil pump. Large particles and sundries in the oil will stay on the filter net.If the filter is not cleaned in time, there will be blockage, decrease in oil quantity, and decrease in main oil quantity. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the sundries on the filter in the pipe joint.

4.3 main lubricating oil cleanliness is reduced


(1) wear of outer dustproof sealing ring

The gap between the outer dustproof sealing ring and dustproof bucket is less than 1.9mm. If it is too large, dust will enter in large quantities. Therefore, it is necessary to check the gap between the outer dustproof sealing ring and dustproof bucket regularly.

(2) insufficient positive pressure air volume

Insufficient positive pressure air volume will reduce the positive pressure of the lubrication chamber, and dust is easily inhaled into the lubrication chamber, resulting in oil pollution and reduced cleanliness.

(3) overlubrication

Overlubrication refers to a lubrication state in which excessive lubricant is added in the working process of the equipment, which leads to the increase of bearing temperature, increase of noise and decrease of bearing life.


There is no clear standard for the evaluation of overlubrication. For example, we consider 10 minutes of oil filling every 8 hours as the normal oil filling time, so 20 minutes of oil filling every 8 hours will be overlubrication.In fact, this understanding is wrong. Overlubrication refers to the amount of grease stored in the bearing cup, which is the difference between injection and discharge. If the drainage is not smooth, overlubrication will occur even if the oil is filled every 8 hours for 1 minute.

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