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Fast replacement of coarse crusher lining plate

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The replacement of the lining board of the coarse crushing rotary crusher requires a thorough shutdown plan.The entire shutdown can take several days, and in some cases up to a week, from pit cleanup to the final replacement step.Many tasks involve identifying and eliminating security concerns.

These four solutions can be considered to remove some safety hazards and speed up the replacement of the liner.Each of these solutions has advantages in improving safety and reducing maintenance downtime, but there are costs.Let's take a quick look at the benefits of these three solutions.


1. Double cone liner


Speed up the replacement of lining board of coarse crushing rotary crusher

The outer lining of a typical rotary crusher consists of several fixed cone liners, each of which needs to be hoisted separately during loading and unloading.60-89 rotary crusher adopts the standard lining of 6-layer fixed cone liner, which needs to be replaced when planned shutdown.In general, all the fixed cone liners must be removed one by one, and a new fixed cone liner installed.

However, changing the design of fixed cone liner is a quick way to reduce downtime and maintenance workload.Double cone liners are twice as tall as conventional liners, which means that the number of liners that need to be replaced can be reduced by 50%, and fundamentally reduces the safety risk faced by liner changers.Double fixed cone liners use the same liner replacement method, so no additional tools are required.While installation and disassembly can be a bit of a hassle, the benefits far outweigh the challenges of operating large, heavy components.

2. Fixed cone liner carousel special tools and remove tray


Can shorten the installation time

The second improvement scheme: using special carousel lifting tools to load and unload fixed cone liners can bring more benefits.In a large coarse crushing rotary crusher, there are 80 fixed cone liners (4 layers, 20 for each layer).Lifting the linings piece by piece is not only a safety risk, but also time-consuming.

Using fixed cone liner to remove tray, can remove the whole layer of wear liner, greatly reduce the number of lifting.Taking 80 fixed cone liners as an example, the hoisting times can be reduced from 80 times to 4 times.The same is true for installing a new cone liner with a fixed cone liner disc installer, which reduces the number of lifts from 80 to 4, thus reducing the safety risks faced by liner changers and reducing maintenance time.


3. Switch the upper rack


Maximize uptime

When some customers require the coarse crusher to reach the highest level of operating probability, the third option can be considered.Switch to the integral frame with upper frame pre-assembled with linings (on site or off site). After removing the existing frame, installation can be carried out without removing the fixed cone linings.

This solution saves time by eliminating the need to install cone liners during planned outages and requiring fewer components to be loaded and unloaded.This solution eliminates the need to move and install workplatforms and enables maintenance in a more controlled and secure environment.During the shutdown, just remove and lift out the rack (hydraulic press rack separator can be selected), and then replace the rack with upper lining plate.

Switching the upper rack reduces downtime compared to regular downtime.By switching the upper frame, it can significantly reduce the time and hours needed for replacement of the lining plate, and reduce the risk of accidents or personnel, thus improving safety.However, every coin has two sides, which requires additional rack investment costs, and also takes into account the hoisting capacity.

Each of the above solutions helps significantly reduce downtime when the fixed cone liner is replaced.You need to compare the cost of each option against the potential savings to make a decision that will yield the highest operational benefits for your particular site and application.

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