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Fast wear analysis of impact crusher board hammer

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Counterattack broken board hammer is fixed on the rotor, it is an important part of the crusher, requires a firm installation, easy to replace, and made of materials with good impact resistance.

1 plate hammer form


Board hammer material:

High chromium cast iron (high chromium cast iron is a kind of anti-wear material with good properties and special attention.It has much higher wear resistance than alloy steel, much higher toughness and strength than ordinary white cast iron, and it also has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.

The degree of wear and service life of the plate hammer is directly related to the material of the plate hammer, the hardness of the ore, the linear speed of the plate hammer (the circumferential speed of the rotor), the structural type of the plate hammer and other factors, among which the material problem of the plate hammer is the main factor determining the degree of wear.

Crescent-shaped plate hammer is better, because it can ensure the vertical impact of materials, strong impact force, high crushing efficiency;The impact surface is also larger and more durable than a straight plate hammer.

2 plate hammer fixing mode and advantages and disadvantages

The geometric shape of the board hammer has an impact on the production capacity and service life of the crusher. The common fixed forms are:

Screw fixation:

The screw is exposed on the striking surface, which is easily damaged. Moreover, the screw is easily damaged due to the large shear force, and its service life is short. Once it is cut, serious accidents will be caused.

Clamp plate fixing:

The plate hammer is inserted into the groove of the rotor from the side, and the two ends are compressed by pressing plate.The board hammer can be turned around after wear, saving the cost of accessories, but this structure has strict requirements on manufacturing size, which brings difficulties to disassembly.In addition this kind of fixed way board hammer is not strong enough, the board hammer easily loosens in the work.(need to be welded, pressure plate is easy to wear and easy to replace).

Wedge fixing:

(cast steel, has certain toughness and plasticity, high strength and hardness, good cutting, weldability is ok) adopt wedge to fix the plate hammer on the rotor, under the action of centrifugal force in the work, this kind of fixed way can ensure the rotor speed faster, the plate hammer fixed more firmly, and work reliably, disassemble and replace more convenient.This is a better way to fix the plate hammer at present.

3. Causes and solutions of serious wear of board hammer

Hammer wear is the main failure mode of impact crusher.The service life of common board hammer is short.Large consumption, large amount of spare parts need to be stored to maintain normal production, high production cost.

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