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Hammer crusher maintenance and noise reduction methods

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In fact, sometimes the hammer crusher has a noise problem.How to get users out of this trouble as soon as possible?Today, I will introduce the following methods to reduce the noise of hammer crusher.

1. Reduce sound source noise:

Transformation of production technology and selection of low noise equipment;Improve the machining and assembly precision of mining machinery and reduce the noise caused by mechanical vibration and friction;Reduce the pressure difference and flow rate of high pressure and high-speed flow, or change the shape of flow nozzle

2. Control the transmission process:

Reasonable design in the overall layout;Use obstacles to prevent the spread of noise, or use natural forms such as hills, slopes, trees, meadows or tall buildings or structures that are not afraid of noise;The directional characteristic of sound source is used to control noise.For example, high-pressure boiler exhaust vents, blast furnace, oxygen generator exhaust, etc., are directed to the wilderness or sky to reduce the impact on the environment;

3. Protect recipients:

Personal protection workers, such as wearing earplugs, earmuffs, helmets and other noise protection equipment;Allow workers to take turns to shorten the working time when workers are exposed to high-noise environment;Sound insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration reduction and other measures.

The use and maintenance methods of hammer crusher mainly include the following.

Firstly, for hammer crusher equipment, the operation and maintenance contents are arranged in order of operation and maintenance requirements one by one.Although this approach can guarantee comprehensive, systematic content, it cannot be organized by categories, is not conducive to implementation and training, and is not easy to remember.

Hammer crusher equipment components are divided into ordinary hammer crushing equipment without special requirements and main hammer crushing equipment with special requirements, general technical operation and maintenance methods, essentials and specific operation and maintenance methods of various hammer crushing equipment accessories are divided into two procedures.In this way, the content can be greatly simplified, features can be highlighted, and storage is somewhat inconvenient.

Similar parts of the operation and maintenance of content from theory to practice classification, become a complete program.

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