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How is the ore crusher maintained during downtime?

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The main part of the ore crusher is steel, easy to rust.If the machine rusts, it will affect the normal operation and cause economic loss.Therefore, reasonable maintenance is very important.How is the ore crusher maintained during downtime?

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If the ore crusher flywheel has been removed from the eccentric shaft, preservatives should be used to protect the contact surface between the flywheel and the shaft.Allow ore crushers to run at least once a month during storage or seasonal downtime to ensure proper lubrication of bearings.If the crusher is not operational during storage, the crusher flywheel must be manually rotated three or four times to ensure proper lubrication of the bearings.Lubricate the bearing as necessary.

If the ore crusher movement has been removed from the frame, apply sufficient grease to the seal to prevent impurities from entering the shell.Preservatives should also be applied to the shell contact surface, bracket contact surface, bracket contact surface and rod hole (if applicable) on the frame.

ore crusher

When the ore crusher is removed from the container, the paint should be checked and repaired as necessary.Remove preservatives from all contact surfaces before assembling the crusher.Ore crusher and its removed parts should be stored in a strong bracket to prevent contact with the ground.

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