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How to adjust the working efficiency of roller press?

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Roller press is one of the important machines in our production, but often due to incorrect operation of the roller press work efficiency is very low, I answer for you how to adjust the work efficiency of the roller press?

1 Correct operation philosophy.

In operation, we should consciously maximize the capacity of the roller press.Such as Φ of roller press, 140-65, the production capacity in 240 ~ 295 t/h, if need to be 100 t/h material provided to the ball mill system, rolling machine in the lower runtime processing capacity of 240 t/h, and need to sorting out the present 240 = 100 41.7% of the fine powder;The capacity of the roller press is 295t/h at the upper limit, from which 100÷295=33.9% fine powder should be separated. The content of fine powder in the latter 100 t/h is different from that in the former 100 t/h. Due to the low separation ratio (only 33.9%), the content of fine powder in the latter 100 t/h is higher than that in the former 100 t/h.This operation concept virtually "enlarged" the size of the roller press, the system output is higher.

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2 from the weighing bin to the roller press inlet must be unobstructed.

The ability of the roller to play with the smooth feeding has a direct relationship.Rod valves, electro-hydraulic valves or pneumatic valves are installed on the roller from the weighing bin to the roller press. All these valves should be opened when the roller press is working.The chute from the weighing bin to the roller press should be filled with material and flow vertically down as a whole. Intermittent flow is not allowed.The inner side of the slide shall be a smooth plane, and nothing that can hinder the flow of materials, such as welding Angle steel or adding lining board to prevent the slide from being worn, will hinder the flow of materials.In the weighing bin, the thick and thin materials are mixed together to form the maximum bulk density, and the roller press is fed with oversaturated feed through the overall downward flow of the roller press. Then the capacity of the roller press can be fully exerted.

3. Reasonable adjustment of pressure.

Adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system of the roller press, thereby adjusting the extrusion pressure of the roller on the material.Squeeze pressure, the material is squeezed the effect is good, but there are two premise must pay attention to, roll press the left and right sides of the roll must form a gap, the pressure can be fully acted on the material, otherwise the pressure is invalid;Another thing to note is whether the current of the main motor of the roller press increases after the increase of pressure. If it does not increase, it means that the pressure is invalid and should return to the original setting.

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4 roller press side baffle adjustment should be reasonable.

When the material enters the pressure zone of the two rollers, it starts to be squeezed, and part of the material will escape to the two sides of the roller. The purpose of the side baffle is to prevent the escape of the material, so that the material can be effectively squeezed through the pressure zone of the roller press.The side baffle is close to the side of the two rollers. It should be close to the side of the rollers without touching the side, so as to minimize side leakage.

5 reasonable adjustment of inclined plate.

Adjust the inclined insert plate can control the capacity of the roller press, because of the difference in the physical properties of each factory, some of the liquidity is poor, at this time the roller press roller seam small, low current, pull up the inclined insert plate to improve the capacity of the roller press;On the contrary, some plant material mobility is particularly good, roller press roller gap, high current, serious cause roller press hoist overload, this time should move down inclined plate, control into the volume of roller press.

roller press

6. Reasonably adjust the movable roller pad.

Mobile roll pad to moderate, too thick too thin is not good.Roll press normal work, left and right sides of the roll seam to maintain in 10~30mm and basically equal as well, too small to thin pad block, too big to thicken.

7. Control of weighing warehouse space.

Stable position is the basic requirement of system operation, but there are several operation modes of high position, medium position, low position and even empty position.Each grinding line has an optimal position, in the optimal position operation, system stability, roller effect full play, high yield fine degree.The change of the position can also adjust the phenomenon of off-roll.So the new production of grinding line to try several positions of operation, choose one of the best operating position.

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8 Effect of slag incorporation.

The roller press system has poor adaptability to materials with small particles and poor wear ability.For example, slag, slag is difficult to grind material, they are squeezed good or bad, directly affect the fineness of cement mill.However, the slag particles are small and intermingled in the gap between the clinker. When passing through the roller press, the extrusion pressure received is lower than the large particle material and the average pressure received by the material, so the abrasion property is not well improved.So, the manufacturer that makes mixed material with slag wants to control slag to mix amount, had better be in 5% below.

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