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How to choose the installation site for lime rotary kiln?

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Lime kiln is short for lime rotary kiln. It is a kiln cave where lime is fired at high temperature. It is used to calcine limestone to produce quick lime.It can calcine 10-50mm fine limestone directly. In active lime production line, this equipment, as the main force, can not only make full use of high-quality limestone mine resources, but also meet the sustainable development policy of lime industry.How to choose the installation site for lime rotary kiln?

lime rotary kiln

1. Site selection principle of lime rotary kiln


Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

In a word, the basic principle of rotary calcination of lime kiln is to decompose calcium carbonate in limestone into calcium oxide and quick lime of carbon dioxide by means of high temperature.There will be some pollution in this process, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate lime rotary kiln construction site based on the principle of energy conservation, environmental protection and pollution free, reduce pollution, the site selection of the lime kiln must be based on the principles of environmental protection, fire safety and energy conservation and pollution free.

lime rotary kiln

2. Project site selection conditions

(1) the lime rotary kiln is built in a place with sufficient power supply, convenient transportation and good factory conditions.

(2) the selected place has abundant limestone resources, which can provide sufficient raw material supply for enterprise production.

(3) the site of the project shall have flat and regular terrain, complete power, transportation, water supply and drainage facilities.

(4) the construction conditions of the site selection should be convenient. The main materials needed by the project, such as sand, stone, cement and steel, can be purchased from the surrounding areas. The transportation is convenient and not remote.

(5) lime rotary kiln should be built far away from residential areas and not above and downwind the water flow in residential areas.

lime rotary kiln

3. Installation requirements of lime rotary kiln

Before the installation of lime rotary kiln, relevant technical personnel should understand the structure of the equipment and the drawings related to the installation, and be familiar with the work before the installation.After undertaking investigation to construction site, list installation program, install according to order again, installation method and installation tool in installation should have planned ground to undertake.

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