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How to choose the oil of cone crusher correctly?

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Cone crusher the lubrication of work is a very important link in its daily maintenance, cone broken in the process of crushing ore, the movement inside the equipment surface will produce a lot of friction, good lubrication is the necessary condition to ensure normal operation, with the cone break in the work environment conditions, such as temperature, humidity changes, use the lubricating oil will also change.How to choose the oil of cone crusher correctly?

1. Different parts pressure, different lubricating oil

For each part of the cone crusher, in the case of greater load work parts, need more viscous lubricating oil.For example, when the bearing pressure is relatively high, the oil is pressed out from the bearing and then works in a dry state, which is easy to generate a high operating temperature. Therefore, the lubricating oil with larger viscosity should be used.

Lubricating oil for cone crusher

2. The rotating speed of components is different, and the lubricating oil is different

When the rotation speed is larger, the oil with smaller viscosity is used.Conversely, when the rotation speed is relatively small, the use of viscosity of oil.Because too dry or small viscosity of the lubricating oil on the speed of the faster usually cause a rise in the temperature of the bearing.When the speed and pressure are relatively high, the oil with lower viscosity will not be extruded from the bearing, because when the shaft rotates, it will be very intense to absorb the thin oil, the oil pressure squeezed between the sliding surface, the sliding surface, thus forming liquid friction.

3. Fault analysis and solution of cone crusher


3.1 the return oil pipeline is blocked

In the production should pay attention to check whether there is dirt in the main drainage hose or pipe, check whether there is dirt in the long hole of the transmission shaft frame under the transmission shaft, dirt accumulation will hinder the flow of oil, especially when the oil temperature is low, oil can not be discharged quickly from the equipment, resulting in a cone crusher leakage.

cone crusher

3.2 unreasonable parts clearance

If the clearance between the inner wall of the oil pool and the oil baffle ring plate of the counterweight body is too small, then in the working process of the cone crusher, the lubricating oil between them is easy to form oil seal under the action of tension.The oil seal is pushed by air pressure, it will continuously overflow from the dustproof ring along the inner wall of the host seat.

3.3 solutions

(1) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it is recommended to check the sealing device regularly.

(2) if there is dirt in the return pipe, the return pipe should be cleaned in time to avoid blockage of the return pipe.

(3) adjust the operating pressure of the lubrication system.

(4) adjust the clearance of components.

In the use of a long time, the cone crusher not only to maintain a good lubrication system, but also to check regularly, timely solve problems, ensure efficient operation of equipment, in order to bring production efficiency and benefits for the enterprise.

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