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How to judge whether the cone crusher hydraulic oil needs to be replaced?

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For cone crusher, hydraulic system is the important condition, ensure the production smoothly for lubrication of the equipment plays an important role, is used in the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil, every once in a while need to replace the hydraulic oil, it needs to be replaced for the state of the hydraulic oil, and the judgment, in general there are three judgment standards, when reaching one of the hydraulic oil cannot be well to assist production run smoothly, it needs to be replaced, how to judge whether cone crusher hydraulic oil need to be replaced?

1. Degree of oxidation

In general, the new hydraulic oil color is relatively shallow, there will be no obvious peculiar smell, but with longer duration of use, as well as the effect of high temperature oxidation in the process of use, make its color deepens gradually, if the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of cone crusher is dark brown, and accompanied by smell, you will need to replace the hydraulic oil;

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2. The water content

The amount of water content in the hydraulic oil of the cone crusher will affect its lubrication performance, if there is a large amount of water into the hydraulic oil, because the water and oil do not melt, so in the mixing will form a muddy mixture, so in order to ensure the performance of the equipment, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil;

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3. Impurity content

Cone crusher work process, due to the constant collision and grinding effect between various components, it is easy to appear, these will inevitably enter the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil contains impurities in this time, this will not only make the quality of the hydraulic oil, also causes the damage of equipment parts, so when the level reaches a certain contaminants, you need to replace the hydraulic oil;

Cone crusher hydraulic oil replacement of three judgment methods, mainly oxidation degree, water content and impurity content, when one of the three judgment standards to reach, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil, in order to ensure the performance of the hydraulic oil and the smooth work of the equipment.

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