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How to maintain the impact crusher in the process of use?

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Impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing in sand and stone production line. It is an important equipment in sand and stone production line.Crusher in the process of long-term operation, because often contact with hard stone, so wear and tear is more serious, impact type crusher in the use of the process how to maintain?

1. Before starting the impact crusher

impact crusher

Check all parts and components of the impact crusher to see that there is no screw loose, missing parts, find problems timely repair, ensure that all the equipment is normal before starting.The rotor should be manually rotated to ensure that the rotor can rotate flexibly without friction with other parts.

2. When the impact crusher is started

Start up in the correct order, start up first and then feed.Similarly, when closing the impact crusher, also in order to close the machine, first stop feeding and then shut down.

impac​t crusher

3. The impact crusher is in operation

Pay attention to observe the impact crusher running sound, current, voltage, vibration temperature is normal.Generally speaking, the temperature of the rotor bearing of the impact crusher cannot exceed 60℃ and MAX cannot exceed 75℃.If the temperature exceeds the above temperature, the impact crusher should be closed immediately for maintenance., the material feed to uniform, not more and less, resulting in the impact crusher load is not stable.In the process of crushing materials, if there is abnormal noise, should stop the machine for inspection.Always pay attention to the work of the machine lubrication system, regularly replace lubricating oil and add lubricating oil.Add grease in bearing block at least once a month and replace lubricating oil and felt every three months.

impac​t crusher

4. When the impact crusher is closed

To check the wear and tear of vulnerable parts, if serious wear and tear, should be replaced in a timely manner.

Good maintenance and maintenance can greatly reduce the failure rate of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.If you want to know the maintenance skills of the impact crusher or want to buy the impact crusher, you can leave a message with us.

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