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How to repair the jaw crusher?

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To ensure the normal work of jaw crusher is not only the correct operation and daily maintenance inspection, minor repair, medium repair and overhaul.We should also plan maintenance.

1. Preparation before starting jaw crusher

(1) check carefully whether the bearing is well lubricated and whether there is sufficient grease at the bracket connection in the bearing.

(2) all fasteners should be carefully checked for complete fastening.

(3) whether the protective device is good or not, if any unsafe phenomenon is found, it shall be eliminated immediately.

(4) check whether there is ore or other sundries in the crushing cavity, if there is, it should be eliminated immediately.


2. Starting of jaw crusher

(1) after inspection and verification, the machine and the transmission part are in normal condition before starting.

(2) the machine can only be started without load.

(3) after starting, if any abnormal condition is found, it shall stop immediately and start again after identifying the cause and eliminating the hidden danger.

3. Maintenance and use of jaw crusher

(1) the crusher can only feed after normal operation.

(2) the materials to be crushed should be uniformly added into the crushing cavity, and side feeding should be avoided to prevent load mutation or unilateral sudden increase.

(3) under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing should not exceed 35℃ and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70℃. Otherwise, the bearing should be stopped immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it.

(4) before stopping, the feeding should be stopped, and the motor can be turned off only after the crushed materials in the crushing cavity are completely emptied.

(5) during use, if the machine stops because of the blocking of materials in the crushing cavity, the motor should be immediately shut down, and the material must be removed before it can be used again.

(6) turn back after one end of the jaw is worn.


4. Lubrication of jaw crusher


Without oil bearing

(1) often pay attention to timely lubrication of the friction surface, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life.

(2) the grease used in this machine should be determined according to the conditions such as place of use, temperature, etc.

So much for the maintenance method of jaw crusher. For more information about cement epc production line, please consult our customer service or leave a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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