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Impact crusher in sand aggregate production line

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Impact crusher is a kind of equipment using impact energy to break stones, because it is a vertical shaft design, also known as vertical shaft impact broken, vertical sand machine.

Vertical shaft bursting technology comes from abroad, it is exactly metso Obama restraint sand grinding technology.Through the introduction of technology in 1980s and 1990s, it has been settled and developed continuously in China.However, the vigorous development and breakthrough development of vertical shaft bursting is still after 2000, because with the acceleration of urbanization in China, the natural gravel and sand can no longer meet the needs of construction, the mechanism gravel and sand gradually rise, and the sand and stone equipment also ushered in a development period, among which there is vertical shaft bursting.


Working principle of impact crusher has two kinds, one kind is the center feed, is a kind of feed BaoLiu center.

1. Central feeding

To feed specifications (generally below 40 mm) stones or finely pebble into shock after the break, giving the initial acceleration from the points of material, centrifugal exercise material movement to the edge of the impeller and threw the gate will be hit, is played in a material with high speed, and impact plate and was weeks guard plate rebound, and the next wave of hedge of materials to be thrown.Of course, after a long time of production, the surrounding protective plate will form a layer of cushion, and the role between materials will increase.

2. BaoLiu feeding

When the stones or fine pebbles that meet the feeding specifications (generally below 40mm) enter the impacter, part of the materials enter from the center of the impeller, while the other part enters from the periphery of the impeller.The materials entering the center will be initially accelerated by the material separation cone, and run to the periphery of the impeller to be accelerated by the material throwing head. After acceleration, the materials will impact the material curtain, and some materials with kinetic energy will bounce and break against the perimeter guard plate.

Two different working principles contribute to the impact crusher in the sand aggregate production line of two major roles: fine grinding sand and aggregate shaping.

Full central feeding, material contact before hammer head, more easily crushed, but the amount of pass is limited, so it is suitable for machine sand production;BaoLiu feed, contact between the material in the material more, finely ability appropriate to reduce, but through a large amount, is suitable for stone plastic.

With the development of fine sand aggregate production line, and the continuous implementation of environmental protection quality professional customization project plan, impact crusher will be more applied in sand aggregate production.For more information about cement epc production line, please consult our customer service or leave a message. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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