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Impact crusher of the two major advantages

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Mining crushers are mainly used for crushing various kinds of stone materials. According to different crushing principles and product particle sizes, they are divided into many models.The commonly used crushing machinery is jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, compound crusher, cone crusher, double-stage crusher, rotary crusher, mobile crusher and so on.

Impact crusher in the crushing equipment is a potential force, the market development is stable, impact crusher refers to the crusher in the process of crushing materials, materials are crusher main broken parts of repeated impact, in the great impact of the crushing results.More common to impact crushing material crusher impact crusher and hammer crusher.Compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher in the crushing material, the number of impact on the material will be more, of course, the two kinds of crusher crushing ratio is large, suitable for crushing brittle materials.

Impact crusher of the two major advantages


1. Large breakage ratio

The crushing ratio of impact crushing crusher can reach more than 50, which is more than twice that of jaw crusher and cone crusher.As a result, in the need for single-stage crushing, such as the cement industry limestone crushing, the impact crusher way of crushing will be better used.

2. The product particles are good

Under the impact effect, the crushed material often fragments along its most fragile layer. This selective crushing method has a high probability of its particles taking the shape of a cube.Therefore, the percentage of needle flake of the products produced is lower than that of hubei crusher and cone crusher, which can be less than 10%.Thus, in the case of the need for cubic particles.For example, the impact crusher is usually used as the final breaking equipment to produce concrete aggregate on the non-slip pavement of high grade highway.

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