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Jaw crusher jaw plate how often need to be replaced

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Hubei type crusher is an excellent equipment for primary stone breaking. As the crushing equipment commonly used in the field of mining machinery, hubei type crusher will become more energy saving, reliable and environmental protection in the next few years in combination with the needs of users. At the same time, it is more diversified in price, meeting the processing needs of different users.

Jaw crusher jaw plate is the main parts, divided into moving jaw plate, static jaw plate.According to the different types of jaw crusher, there are many types of sizes, generally made of high manganese steel, that is, high manganese steel hubei plate.

Fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side guard plate are easy wear - resistant castings of jaw crusher.After severe wear of jaw plate of crusher, the grain size of the product becomes larger, so as to reach less than ideal crushed stone effect.Initial wear, the jaw can be turned to use, or the upper and lower two turn to use.Crusher jaw plate wear, mostly in the lower middle, when the tooth high wear away 35%, that is, the need to replace the new roots.The two side guard plates need to be replaced when they are worn down by 25%.If not replaced in time, the production efficiency will be greatly reduced, affecting the next production.

The replacement frequency of the jaw plate should be determined by the degree of wear, the quality of the jaw plate, the number of maintenance and other factors. Generally speaking, when the jaw plate of the general material is broken and hard stone, it needs to be replaced once every four or five days.For example, the jaw plate of yongcan machinery is made of manganese 13, which has high wear resistance and greatly prolongs its service life. Generally, the service life of this kind of jaw plate is more than 20 days.Hubei plate material we commonly have high manganese steel, medium manganese steel, high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel compound, low alloy cast steel.High manganese steel is the traditional material of hubei plate in the early stage, it has good toughness and deformation hardening ability, but how to design unreasonable, will accelerate the wear process, medium manganese steel, under the condition of non-strong impact, its work hardening is not enough easy to appear rheology and be cut.

The wear-resisting degree of jaw crusher jaw plate is related to the material and process of jaw plate, in addition, it is related to the broken material and operation mode, so the life of jaw plate of jaw crusher cannot be accurately budgeted, which should be calculated according to the daily maintenance.Good material crusher jaw plate after a high level of casting process, if there is no good maintenance, still life sharply reduced.Therefore, the crusher jaw replacement time depends on the broken material does not meet the needs of the replacement.

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