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Lubrication of sand dryer

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1. Lubricating material for sand dryer


It is generally divided into four categories:

1. Gas lubrication materials, such as air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide used in gas bearings.

2. Liquid lubricating materials, such as all kinds of animal, vegetable and mineral oil, emulsion and water, etc.In recent years, synthetic lubricants with excellent performance have developed rapidly.

3. Plastic body and semi-fluid lubricating materials, such as animal grease, mineral grease and semi-fluid grease produced in recent years.

4. Solid lubricating materials, such as graphite, disulfide key, bustress disulfide, boron nitride and tetraethylene and other plastic or metal based self-lubricating composite materials.

Among liquid and plastic lubricating materials, the greases obtained from the thickening of mineral lubricants and mineral oils are most widely used because of their stable source and low cost.Solid lubricating material is a new type of lubricating material with great development prospect. It can be used alone or as additive for lubricating grease.

2. Requirements for lubricating materials of sand dryer


The sand dryer lubrication materials should be able to meet the basic requirements of the sand dryer lubrication, they are:

1. Lower friction coefficient, thus reducing power consumption, reducing wear rate and improving service life of equipment:

2. Good adsorption and wedge penetration ability, so that it can penetrate into the tiny gap of friction pair, and can be firmly attached to the friction surface, not easy to be scraped off by the shear force formed by relative movement;

3. Has certain cohesion (degree), so that it can resist greater pressure without being extruded from the friction pair, and thus can maintain sufficient lubrication film thickness;

4. High purity and anti-oxidation stability, no grinding and corrosion, will not be quickly contact with water or air formation of acidic compounds or gelatinous asphalt and deterioration.

Normally, the sand dryer manufacturers of their production of equipment are accompanied by lubrication maintenance procedures, which specify the use of lubrication materials and lubrication mode.With the emergence of new lubrication materials and methods, in order to meet the needs of sand dryer lubrication and lubrication design, we need to learn and master the performance, selection and use of various lubrication materials.

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