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Maintenance of compound crusher

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Compound crusher equipment is an important equipment of fine crushing equipment, also known as compound sand machine equipment, mostly used for secondary crushing of medium and low hardness materials, high efficiency, high yield.

Combined with the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher, the compound crusher is a kind of non-sieve bar, adjustable fine crushing equipment, suitable for a wide range, especially for hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt and other artificial sand or highway pavement stone processing and crushing.Compound crusher crushing ratio is large, the maximum crushing ratio can reach the discharge particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily, not affected by the board hammer, liner wear;Elastic adjustment mechanism is adopted, which can be discharged automatically without damage to the equipment.

Compound broken is mainly broken stone, the wear degree and pressure is relatively large, so the operator needs to regularly check and maintain the broken equipment.We always talk about maintaining the equipment, so what do we do to maintain the equipment?What are the main things to do?

1. The first thing to do is the routine examination

Compound crusher daily check is open and running inspection before work, check the content of parts of wear condition, bearing lubrication are in good condition, fasteners, bolts or whether there is loose phenomenon, machinery and equipment discharging granularity is even, cylinder inside the presence of abnormal vibration and the inspection of the compound crusher is normal temperature, and so on and so forth.This is basic and must be checked well, otherwise there will be a failure, affecting the normal work.

2. Lubrication

The purpose of lubricating oil is to reduce the friction and damage of the equipment.This requires that there should be no impurities or other sundry matter in the lubricating oil. Bearing oil injection should be done by injecting half of the solvent in the whole space with the oil gun. The oil is too full and the grease is easy to overflow.Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of lubricating oil during operation to avoid overheating and burning out parts.

3. Keep the equipment clean

Crusher is broken stone, inevitably there will be dust into, if not regularly cleaned, it will cause wear and tear equipment, so to regularly clean.

In this reminder to users, during the maintenance of equipment, must pay attention to the repair of these places, in order to ensure the longer use of equipment.

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