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Multi - cylinder cone crusher to produce better grain shape

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A good grain size should ensure that the ratio of the maximum size to the minimum size of more than 90% of the product is less than 3 (the smaller the ratio, the better).The grain type of products is determined by many factors, mainly affecting the feeding, crushing cavity type, discharge port, crushing equipment and crushing technology.

1 correct feeding

Multi - cylinder cone crusher must be filled with material.Stable continuous grade ration can avoid the change of crushing power and the break of feeding grade, and can maintain a relatively stable crushing cavity and discharging port.

Wide grade rations yield better grain shapes than narrow grade rations.The part of the material smaller than the discharge port will increase the extrusion effect between the materials and have a good filling effect on the crushing cavity.Not too thin, preferably slightly less than or equal to the size of the discharge port, proportion not more than 20%.

Large discharge port will bring more flaky products, so a smaller discharge port is needed to obtain a good grain shape of products, and the crushing ratio should be controlled at 3 to 3.5.This requires the control of feed particle size, preferably not more than 50mm.Unreasonable feeding will affect the capacity of the crusher, and may lead to a series of problems such as adjustable ring beating, short service life of lining plate, broken product grain shape.

2. Reasonable choice of crusher and crushing chamber

Select reliable conical crushing equipment and crushing cavity type.Power, crushing force and discharge port are the three factors that determine the output and particle size of multi-cylinder cone crusher.The way to improve the power is to increase the feed rather than reduce the discharge port. The best crushing power is about 80% of the rated power.

The beating of the adjustment ring means that the crushing force exceeds the design limit. Once the crushing force phenomenon occurs in the crusher, the discharge port can be increased by 1mm~2mm.Adjust ring beat and power summit to add extra stress to the crusher, resulting in serious damage to the crusher.


3.Closed circulation and crushing system

The crusher is a link of the crushing system, other equipment will also affect the whole crushing system.The delivery system must have adequate delivery capacity.It is very important to ensure the stability of the crusher before the storage bin is cached.

The screening efficiency has a great influence on the crushing system.Insufficient screening, on the one hand, the return material caused by too many fine materials, easy to cause crusher overload;On the other hand, too much qualified fine material returned to the crusher reduces the production capacity of the crushing system.

Non-crushing foreign matter in the crushing system can cause great damage to the crusher. For example, excessive iron may cause the crusher to burn copper sleeve, rack cracking and main shaft fracture.

Closed-circuit crushing, used in the second stage of the broken can provide accurate grain size for fine crushing, avoid too many fine materials into the crushing cavity, so that the crushing cavity can achieve the ideal filling effect.


4.Material characteristics and product size

Generally speaking, the softer the rock is, the thicker the crystal grains are, the coarser the products are, and the better the crushing grain shape is.For example, to get 6~15mm products.The second stage is broken to below 50mm by closed-circuit circuit, and the material below 6mm is screened out to ensure that there is a relatively stable 6-50mm continuous grade ration.

Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has great advantages in the field of crushing.Reasonable crushing system, with the correct choice of equipment and cavity type, as well as the standard operation and maintenance habits, can maximize the performance of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

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