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Notes for choosing crusher tooth plate

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Crusher teeth plate is the main part of jaw crusher, crusher teeth plate used by different specifications are also different, crusher teeth plate as the main wearing parts often need regular replacement, so it is very important to choose a suitable teeth plate, Notes for choosing crusher tooth plate

1. Criteria for lost mold casting

The casting of the lost mold will directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, in order to avoid cracks in the later stage, the rounded corners of the transition points should not be ignored.Crusher teeth plate thickness is more uniform, so in the lost mold casting usually use the way of ladders pouring, can make the product solidified at the same time, generally experienced enterprises will be appropriate to place slag riser to strengthen the exhaust.


2. Paint selection

The vanishing mold coating should adopt the water-machine coating with high fireproof degree and anti-erosion alkalinity, meanwhile, the thickness of the coating should be appropriately increased according to the thickness of the casting, generally 1.2mm to 1.6mm, the tooth surface should also be slightly thicker to avoid the occurrence of steel infiltration.

Teeth plate of crusher

3. Drying and holding time of vanishing mold

After the production of the vanishing mold, the ash product should be fully dried, and the sound when striking is clear, which proves that the ash product has been dried. The finer tooth shape should also be polished with mixed magnesia when packing, to avoid steel infiltration, and the sand mold should be fully shaken.The insulation time should be extended as far as possible, and the casting should not be hammered during cleaning, so as to avoid micro-cracks, which may occur during heat treatment or use of the casting.In the heat treatment should also be slowly warming up, after the average temperature can be appropriate to increase the rate of heating, after the kiln into the water quickly, the shorter the better, and shake in time.

Teeth plate of crusher

4. Selection of crusher teeth

The existing crusher tooth plate on the market usually USES 13ZGMn13 material, this material has the surface hardening under the impact load, forming a wear-resistant surface at the same time can maintain the original toughness of the inner layer metal, but in the long run, can find high wear-resistant material to extend the service life of the tooth plate.

5. The life of crusher teeth

Normally a crusher teeth plate life for three months, in the process of broken tooth plate with sufficient material extrusion and grinding, tooth plate on the horizontal direction of movement to the tooth plate extrusion force, tooth plate material vertical force falling at the same time also to grinding materials, this is we pay special attention to in use process, as far as possible to reduce wear and tear, so as to achieve the purpose of profit.

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