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Reasons for wear of eccentric parts of cone crusher and preventive measures

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Cone crusher eccentric wear is very serious, it will seriously affect the production, cone liner about 6 months on the serious wear, cone crusher eccentric wear reasons and preventive measures.

1. Wear and tear

cone crusher

(1) the spindle cone liner of the cone cone of the cone crusher has obvious wear at the upper mouth, and a narrow strip at the lower mouth, with no contact in the middle;

(2) the thin side of the eccentric shaft sleeve at the top of the cone bush is seriously worn, while the thick side of the eccentric shaft sleeve at the bottom is seriously worn;

(3) the width of the spherical bearing within the oil groove is about 100mm, and a ring belt wears evenly;

(4) the thick edge of eccentric shaft sleeve is obviously worn, and a narrow strip is worn at the bottom;

(5) the thrust plate is worn heavily by the outer ring;

(6) cone crusher large bevel gear head wear heavy, in the direction of tooth height from the head to the small head gradually along the tooth top contraction, approximate to a triangle impression.


2. Wear analysis

Spindle cone bushing for cone crusher

When no load crusher spindle pressure in the eccentric shaft sleeve thin edge, when loaded pressure in the eccentric shaft sleeve thick edge.Eccentric bushing is always pressed on straight bushing with thick edge, no matter it is loaded or not.In this way, cone crusher spindle and cone bushing wear from top to bottom should be more uniform, at least cone bushing upper mouth by eccentric bushing thick side wear should be heavier, eccentric bushing thick side wear should be heavier.

But sometimes cone crusher eccentric shaft sleeve wear just the opposite, eccentric shaft sleeve is inclined to balance the weight of one side, spherical bearing wear, spherical bearing support force will not exceed the spherical center Angle of half, the contact between the two is normal.Thrust plate along the outer ring wear heavier case, also belongs to the normal situation, because so far push disk outer ring linear speed is large, so its wear is faster than the inner ring.In addition, the heavy wear of the big bevel gear head is determined by the special movement state of the gear, which can also be regarded as a normal phenomenon.

Therefore, the main cause of eccentric parts wear is eccentric sleeve deviation, and eccentric sleeve deviation is due to the gasket, thrust plate, cone bushing and eccentric sleeve maintenance and installation of improper.In this case, the action of the crushing force can not make the eccentric shaft sleeve normal reset, resulting in eccentric shaft sleeve deflection, eccentric parts wear, serious can make local load and crack.


3. Preventive measures

cone crusher

(1) strictly adjust the clearance of eccentric parts of the cone crusher according to the instruction.In practice, the bottom clearance of cone bushing can be increased, but the upper clearance must be ensured.

(2) during maintenance, the surface roughness and thickness of upper, middle and lower thrust plates should be ensured to be even.

(3) when adjusting the clearance of bevel gear, the thickness of the gasket added to the lower part of the thrust plate should be even, and the edge of the gasket should not be folded during installation.

(4) when installing the thrust plate, the round pin should be inserted into the pin hole smoothly to avoid the deviation of eccentric shaft sleeve.

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