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Revamping scheme of too fast wear of liner plate of hopper of cone crusher

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In order to solve the problem of lining board wear too fast, the use requirements, working conditions and wear-resisting characteristics of lining board were analyzed in detail, the quality of lining board was replaced in combination with various influencing factors, and the structure form of lining board was improved to improve the wear resistance of lining board.Revamping scheme of too fast wear of liner plate of hopper of cone crusher.

1. Problems in lining plate of cone crusher


In the process of production and maintenance, we found the following problems with funnel liner:


(1) frequent replacement of lining plate restricts continuous production.

The funnel lining board of ore bunker adopts 16Mn steel plate with 50mm thickness, which wears out quickly and the average replacement period is less than 3 months.Before replacing the lining plate of the cone crusher, the ore warehouse needs to be emptied out. Therefore, frequent replacement of the lining plate not only increases the maintenance labor intensity, but also cannot guarantee the starting rate of the cone crusher.

(2) low maintenance efficiency and safety risks.

The funnel lining plate is mounted block by block on the wall around the funnel with countersunk head bolts.The length, width and height of the funnel are 1420mm×870mm×1350mm. The operating space is small, and it is inconvenient for the maintenance of employees, which affects the maintenance efficiency, and there are certain safety risks.

(3) cause over iron

After the wear and tear of the lining plate pole easy to fall into the cone crusher with the ore, if the point inspection is not timely, will lead to the cone iron, easy to cause cone lining plate damage, affect the production of cone crusher.

cone crusher

2. Cause analysis


2.1 high hardness of ore

Through the study and analysis of the ore, the porphyry copper platt hardness coefficient f=10~12 belongs to the solid rock type. Due to the high hardness of the ore and the ore particle size below 300mm, the ore has different shapes after rough breaking, which accelerates the wear of the funnel lining plate of the cone crusher.

2.2 the lining is not wear-resistant

The funnel liner used now is 16Mn steel plate with a hardness of about 14HRC, which has good comprehensive performance and welding performance.Due to the limitation of the current installation method, the funnel liner shall be fixed on the funnel by welding with countersunk head bolts. Therefore, only considering the factors of its welding performance, there is no problem in material selection.However, due to the low hardness of the material, the wear resistance is greatly affected, leading to the use cycle of the lining board is only 2~3 months.

2.3 unreasonable lining structure

The installation is installed by single welding. The lining plate is fixed on the funnel block by block with countersunk head bolts, and then the bolts and the lining plate are welded to death by electric welding.Before the replacement of liner, the old liner must be cut off with gas cutting before the new liner can be installed.The funnel space is small, the maintenance space is limited, the maintenance personnel in the funnel inside the maintenance of a certain safety hazard.

Cone crusher lining plate

3. Design of transformation scheme

Due to the ore nature and funnel size, shape are objective factors, can not be changed, so choose to change the lining material to achieve the purpose of extending the lining life, easy installation.

3.1 improve the lining material

High chromium cast steel is chosen as the lining material to solve the problem that the lining material is not wear-resistant.The martensite body with high hardness in high chromium cast steel strongly supports carbide particles and avoids the carbide falling off the worn surface during the working process, thus ensuring the material's high wear resistance. Compared with the 16Mn steel plate of the original lining plate, the wear resistance of the lining plate has been greatly improved.

3.2 improve the lining structure


In order to solve the problem of unreasonable liner structure design, according to the inner structure of the ore bin, the liner structure is improved as follows:

(1) the funnel liner is improved into an integral liner to facilitate one-time installation in the funnel.

(2) add a ring of flange on the top of cone crusher funnel.With a ring of flanges, the entire liner can be lifted and placed directly on the hopper of the mine, without the need to fix it with bolts and prevent the liner from falling.

(3) funnel lining plate is 150mm higher than the flange edge, and reinforcement is added below the flange edge.After improvement, the strength of funnel liner has been strengthened, and in the production process, the lining plate higher than the flange is easy to form a dead Angle, cushion the impact of ore on the lining plate, reduce the wear of the lining plate.

Cone crusher lining plate

4. Transformation effect

(1) through the transformation of the funnel liner of the ore bin, the thickness of the liner was changed from 50mm to 60mm, the service life was greatly increased, and the service life was extended from 2~3 months to 3~4 years, which saved the labor cost of clearing the ore bin, cutting and welding.

(2) the starting rate of the cone crusher is increased from 98.49% to 99.5%, which guarantees the normal operation of the cone crusher.

(3) greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers and improved the maintenance efficiency of employees.

(4) reduce the security risks of staff maintenance.

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